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What Skin Type Do You Have? Philadelphia Survey
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Knowing your skin type is very important so you can choose the proper skin care or treatment that fits your particular skin needs. There are generally five basic skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive, each one having specific characteristics and requiring different treatments. To determine your type, there is a simple test that can be done with a clean facial tissue. The tissue can be wiped across the face first thing in the morning and the resulting residue can reveal your skin type.


If the tissue does not reveal any traces of oil, your skin belongs to the normal type. The skin will feel supple, vibrant and elastic, making this the least problematic type. It looks smooth and clean and has a healthy complexion and good circulation. With minimal daily care, a normal skin tone will look quite healthy even as the skin ages.


With a dry skin tone, the paper will also appear clean. However, this skin type will feel tight, flaky and dry once it is wiped with the towelette. Dry skin leads to fine and sensitive pores, wrinkles and a washed-out tone, and is highly prone to irritation and aging. It may not have serious effects on a young person, but thorough care and regular use of beauty treatments like natural moisturizers and masks will be necessary as the skin ages.


For oily skin, the paper will have spots from too much facial oil, from the areas where the face was wiped, most particularly the forehead, nose and cheek areas. Oily skin is problematic because it appears shiny, and thick. It often has enlarged pores and tends to break into acne. However, oily skin is not prone to wrinkling or aging as readily as dry skin. With careful cleaning, avoidance of rich creams, and decreasing consumption of carbohydrates, the quality of an oily skin tone can be easily improved.


If you have a combination the above skin types, the tissue will have traces of oil from the forehead and nose areas, but will be clean on areas around the cheeks. This type is the most common among women, and requires various kinds of care in relation to certain facial areas. The dry zones, usually on the cheeks and around eyes, require treatment with rich creams and moisturizers. On the other hand, the oily areas, mostly on the nose and forehead, benefits from thorough and frequent cleaning.


Sensitive skin is usually very dry, feels tight, and easily becomes irritated and inflamed. This type usually develops scale and reddish areas that can be tingly and itchy, and is prone to breakouts and skin conditions. This is the most fragile and problematic type of skin and requires a very special kind of care.

Getting the right facial rejuvenation treatment will require knowledge about your specific skin type. With the help of a skin care doctor in Philadelphia, you can decide on the best solution for your individual needs. Some skin tightening treatments can resolve wrinkly and loose skin that needs to be freshened. Certain eye wrinkles treatments helps to smooth out fine lines in the tender eye areas. Juvederm lip treatments provide softness and fullness to dull or thin lips.

The initial type of your skin is genetically determined although environmental factors do play a role. However, the beauty and health of your skin later in life will depend on what you eat and how you take care of yourself. To always look great, the first step is to determine your skin type. This way, you can pick the best method of facial rejuvenation that will improve your look and slow the aging process so

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