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A Review Of My Snoring Solution
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I was recently asked to review my snoring solution and was happy to do it. My snores have kept the household awake at times and I was pretty sure that obstructive sleep apnea was causing my daytime sleepiness. So, I gave the product a try. Here’s my evaluation.

The price was a little shocking until I realized that you got two supporters for the price of one. Would you normally pay $120 for a single supporter? It is possible.

I looked at prices for similar CPAP user accessories and found they were similar. The CPAP machines are the positive air pressure devices commonly used to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

You need a doctor’s prescription to buy a CPAP, but not the accessories. Most doctors require that you participate in an overnight sleep study before they will write you a prescription for the device. Sometimes it takes months to get an appointment to participate in the study.

The inventor of the “my-snoring-solution” jaw supporter says that’s what happened to him and why he was driven to create the prototype for the product. The prototype was nothing more than a strip torn from a bath towel and tied around his head. That doesn’t sound very safe.

Luckily, he was able to get some help and create a safe product using flexible straps and a cup-like holder for your chin.

When I was asked to review my snoring solution, I ordered one. It took just a few days to come in. I saw the 90 day money back guarantee and noted on the calendar when I would need to return it to get my money back.

While I’m not really all that skeptical about products working, I do have a tendency to forget to return things before the end of what amounts to a free trial.

Since I knew I was going to review my snoring solution for this article, I started taking notes before it arrived. I wrote down how many times I remembered waking during the night. I asked other members of my household if my snores were loud, if they were kept awake by them.

I also made a note of how rested I felt after what should have been a good night’s sleep. My notes showed me that my problem was actually worse than I thought. On average, I woke up four times during the night. One night I woke up six times.

Every time I woke, my mouth was so dry that all I could think about was getting a glass of water. Of course, that led to a bathroom trip, too.

When the first night came to review my snoring solution, I put my usually glass of water on my bedside table and went to put the supporter on my head. I found it was easy to put on and not uncomfortable at all.

I tried taking a sip of water with the supporter in place; something the inventor said was possible to do. I had no difficulty taking a drink.

I climbed into bed and that’s where my reviewer’s notes came to an end. I woke up 10 hours later, realized I had forgotten to set my alarm clock.

I jumped out of bed and started my day feeling more rested than I could remember feeling for a long time.

If someone asks you to review my snoring solution, I would strongly suggest you do it. You’ll get a great night’s sleep and so will everyone else in the house.

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