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Napping Can Be Good For You
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College students know how good it feels to take a nap. After pulling an all-nighter to cram for an algebra test, and working equations again and again, it can feel very good to lie down, go to sleep, and dream sweet dreams. Napping can also be beneficial.

One way a nap will help you is that it will give you more energy. You will be able to accomplish your goals for the day, such as going running, publishing articles, or completing projects. If you are not rested, you likely will not feel like running, and you may not be able to write any articles. Your readers may then wonder what happened to you. Your projects will likely remain undone. If you are rested, on the other hand, you may finish your projects in record time and look for more to do.

Another way a nap will help you is that it will help your memory and concentration. If you are a student, and you need to study, you will be better able to focus on your studying if you are rested. By being able to focus on your studying, you will be able to connect with the material and make associations that you will hopefully remember on test day. If you are not rested, on the other hand, you may fall asleep while reading your textbook. You may also experience your mind wandering, causing you to think about what you want to do rather than about what you are doing.

Finally, it will help your mood. If you are rested, you will likely be happy. People will want to be around you. They will be eager to invite you to go places with them, such as the local coffee shop or the mall. If you are not rested, on the other hand, you will likely be irritable, and people will want to keep their distance.

If you recently had a late night, consider taking a nap. Make it brief, however--no longer than about 20 minutes. If it is any longer than that, you may have difficulty sleeping that night. If you do not sleep well that night, the next day could be rough. You might fall asleep at your desk at work, for example, which will get you in trouble with your boss.

Go take a nap. I wish you sweet dreams. Perhaps you will dream of winning the lottery, meeting your favorite celebrity, or publishing 1000 articles. I hope that your nap helps you and that you feel better when you wake up. Sleep well.

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on that note, i think I will go take a nap, lol. Great article!

  about 1 decade ago
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