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Snoring And How I Cleared Mine
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Most people can snore, man, woman, child, even cats and dogs (my dog hits some decimals) and myself, yes I was a terrible snorer and really thought this was hereditary as my father use to take the roof off nightly, but I easily found out my snoring was all down to me and some easy changes that needed to be made.

What's Making You Snore?

As said, I thought this was inherited from my father, but, when I analyzed how I was living, what I was doing and not doing in my life, I soon seen this had a dramatic effect on how I slept, and how it effected my poor girlfriend who had to sleep beside me, constantly giving digs to my ribs.

Now, I am going back a few years now and still snore (lightly) on occasion, but it was what I was doing in my life that was making me snore terribly loud and basically this was drinking alcohol and not getting exercise (lucky enough I am not a smoker as this also has a huge effect on snorers)

Been unfit and even a little bit overweight will make you a snorer but I stopped my snoring through a few simple methods that worked for me and hopefully will work for some. It is always worth trying a lot of things to help you stop snoring before you ever consider surgery if your snoring is so bad.

Simple Changes Big Results

- Cut back on alcohol. As you can see I did not say give it up, nothing wrong with having an enjoyable drink but if you find that when you drink (as was pointed out to me) that you snore much louder, well, you have just found your problem.

Alcohol tends to put us into a deep uncomfortable sleep, relaxing the throat muscles too much as it increases the strength of the snore, especially if you lay on your back. If you can, when getting in to bed after drinking try remember to sleep on your side, this will reduce the snorings' loudness but will not stop it. Cut back on alcohol.

- Change your lifestyle, get more exercise. It really is as simple as that. I was not the fittest (though I thought I was) and a few years back, determined to improve my health (not even thinking about the snoring) by cutting back on the alcohol and taking on a regular bout of exercise, I was surprised to see the snoring drastically nearly disappear.

- Change your diet. Do not be afraid of that statement, I'm not saying give up food, just look at some of the foods that can be apart of the snoring problem like rich foods and milk which is a cause of mucus build up. Try cut back or eliminate these and adding in the others above you should be well on your way to tackling the snoring monster.

Let A Good Nights Sleep For All Be Your Motivation

I have cleared my snoring. It Took a while but if you are determined to rid yourself of this problem, as well as drastically improve your health while trying you will reap all the benefits. Know the reasons why you snore, make a plan to change and go for it, your loved ones will thank you for it.

Don't be afraid to use and try some snoring products too. There are special hard pillows you can try, mouth guards, nasal spray and strips, the tennis ball trick, elevating your head, sleeping on your side, or the countless online helpful how to stop snoring books but if you decide to use some products, be sure to incorporate them with the tips I have giving above, no surgery, just plain taking care of yourself. It worked for me, I hope these simple tips will work for others. Any questions be-sure to leave a comment below.

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