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Snoring From A Snorers Perspective!
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Snoring from a snorers perspective!

Fun fact: USA Today reports that 45 percent of partners complain that their sleeping partners snore. However just 5 percent of the partners who snore actually admit to it. Constant and obnoxious snoring can directly or indirectly affect a relationship no matter how strong it may be. Some partners go as far as to sleep in separate bedroom from their spouses. That can lead to severe relationship issues like the loss of intimacy or loss of a sex life, causing resentment and distance between a once loving and close couple. This should be a major awakening if anything to couples everywhere. Even if your partner does not openly admit to being disturbed by your snoring, it could be building up a lot of repressed frustration and resentment. This applies to all men and women who suffer from snoring.

If you are a constant snorer, you should definitely listen to your partner's complaint seriously and take steps to fix the situation before it escalates. If you are a minor or mild snorer who snores every once in a while, it might not be too bad, but if you are a regular or severe snorer, it can definitely do some major damage to your relationship. You must remember that your partner deals with the same cycle every single night for weeks, months, and sometimes even years. That can definitely drive anyone crazy.

Other than disturbing your partner from the REM sleep they need, snoring affects your partner during the day. The brain may not function at its capacity, and slow down cognitive performance. Not to mention memory loss, lack of energy, and irritability. It does not end there. Snoring also affects your partners physical appearance, mood, efficiency, and overall health. This can affect your partner's performance at work. Sleep deprivation causes people to be zombie like, unable to concentrate, and focus at basic daily tasks. Severe snoring can often deprive couples from sexual energy.

Well how can you fix this? Lucky for you there are plenty of ways to stop snoring. It is just a matter of finding out which method fits your situation better. Below I have listed solutions along with their comparability with several levels of snoring. Choose wisely folks.

Stop snoring home remedies - If you are a minor or mild snorer

Anti snoring pillows - If you are a mild or regular snorer

Anti snoring tongue guards - If you are a mild or regular snorer

Anti snoring mouthpieces - If you are a regular or extreme snorer

Surgery - Only if you are an extreme snorer, and other options did not work

Note: If you are someone, or know someone who is contemplating surgery, you should definitely try anti snoring mouthpieces. They are pretty effective, and have a high success rate. Its safe to bet that a good anti snoring device just might be as good as surgery without all the risks and thousands of dollars. It is worth a shot before going under the knife.

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