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What Keeps You Awake At Night?
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How do you sleep? Do you usually sleep soundly, or do you lie awake, tossing and turning? I am physically active and busy with both articles and school work, so I usually sleep well. I wear a mask, and that blocks the light so that I can sleep.

Noises, on the other hand, do keep me from sleeping. Some noises are actually soothing to listen to and help me to fall asleep, like rain. Rain does not keep me awake. However, I am a light sleeper. If there was a loud clap of thunder, I am sure that I would wake up. Another noise that is soothing is a fan or air conditioner. I live in Texas, where it gets really hot. To stay cool, my husband and I run our air conditioner. If it is really hot, we might also run a fan. The fan and the air conditioner keep us cool, and they also provide white noise that blocks out irritating sounds that do keep me awake, like loud rap music playing outside. I would also be unable to sleep if there was construction going on nearby. The noisy equipment and banging would definitely keep me awake. Fortunately, construction workers generally work in the daytime, so I usually get the quiet I am after.

Worries are another matter, however. I like to drift off to sleep thinking about something pleasant, like my hopes and dreams or the week's number one song, for example. Thinking about things that bother me would keep me awake. I deal with these worries in the daytime by trying my best to do what needs to be done so that they will not be worries anymore. For example, the thought of dying in a fire is scary. I am obsessive about checking to make sure that the items that I have used, such as the coffee maker and stove, have been turned off.

There are some worries that are not fixed so easily, however. These are the kinds of worries that are best dealt with by writing about them in a journal or talking about them with a friend or family member. I acknowledge that these worries exist, but I do not allow them to take over my life. Instead, I focus on the positive. I am hoping that my positive thinking will help me to live longer and allow me to do more good for others.

I wish you a great night. I hope that you go to sleep thinking pleasant thoughts and wake up ready for a new week.

Street Talk

Ever heard the phrase he could sleep through an earthquake? lol That would be me. Good info Hollie!

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for reading!! :)

  about 1 decade ago
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