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Zquiet Reviews - A Closer Look At The Zquiet Snoring Mouthpiece
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Zquiet Reviews   -   A Closer Look At The Zquiet Snoring Mouthpiece

It wasn't too long after seeing the Zquiet advertised on TV that I decided to search around for some Zquiet reviews. Snoring is something that I have had to deal with all my life. And since I got married, it was something my wife had to deal with too.

We tried a number of things to fix the situation, from changing sleeping positions, to nasal strips, and even ear plugs (when we had given up...). But nothing seemed to work very well, and it was continually preventing us from getting a full night's sleep.

So, when I heard about this new snoring mouthpiece, I was naturally quite skeptical it would actually work as advertised. But I searched around for some Zquiet reviews and eventually decided to try it anyways to see how it would work. What follows is a brief Zquiet review for anyone who is considering buying this new snoring remedy.

How It Works

Unlike other cheap snoring remedies on the market, this one features a slightly more sophisticated design. Basically, it is a mouthpiece that you put in your mouth prior to sleeping that helps adjust your airway to reduce snoring.

You see, snoring is caused when there is a partial blockage in your air passages. Most frequently it is when upper airway constricts and vibrates when inhaling through the nose. The Zquiet forces your air passages to open up, thus reducing any blockage when sleeping.

But of course the science behind it looks good. How well does the Zquiet work?

My Personal Review

After ordering this product online, it came in the mail a few weeks later. My biggest fear right off the bat was that it would be uncomfortable to wear and prevent me from getting a good night's sleep.

So on the first night, I put it in my mouth, expecting to feel slightly uncomfortable. However, it was surprisingly soft, and according to the manufacturer, adjusts to the actual form of my mouth.

When I woke up the next morning, I knew it had worked. Not once did I wake up in the middle of the night to my wife angrily jabbing me in the side. As a result, I felt quite refreshed the next morning and happy to have gotten the best sleep I've had in a long time.

When my wife woke up I immediately questioned her about her sleep. How did she sleep? Did she wake up to me snoring loudly?

She was also thrilled with how it seemed to work. She confirmed that I hadn't been snoring at all and that she had also gotten the best sleep she'd had in a long time.

So in the end, I'd have to say that the Zquiet has been a resounding success in my household. I have been using this mouthpiece every night since I got it, and it has been effective every single time (a few of the most helpful Zquiet reviews I came across also praised this product's effectiveness). It is not uncomfortable to wear and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has problems with snoring.

Conclusion: Is This Product Right For You

If you're snoring is keeping people up at night, I would highly recommend looking into the Zquiet. I have tried a lot of different snoring remedies, and to be honest, most of them are just junk products that don't work well or only work occasionally.

And although these are my experiences using this product, there are a number of other helpful Zquiet reviews out there that go into even more detail as to this product's effectiveness. As with anything, it is important to do your research before buying a new product so that you can make an informed decision.

Street Talk


Wow I wish I had a positive review. Going on my third night and I absolutely loathe this device. It's uncomfortable, allows your mouth to constantly dry out, hurts my upper teeth thus giving me a headache and my lower teeth constantly slip out of the piece thus letting me snore with a mouthful of rubber. I havent yet woken up refreshed,just annoyed that it doesn't stay in place and that I sleep less because I'm always waking up to a dry mouth which didn't happen before. I frêle like you are all lying about it being comfortable. How??? This feels worse than braces!!

  about 1 year ago

I currently use a cpap machine but is a hassle to travel with. I wonder how hard it would be to switch from the cpap to the zquiet. I have really become acustomed to sleeping with the cpap.

  about 1 year ago

Why can we not get this item in Canada?? I would be very interested in purchasing one.

  about 1 year ago

You're definitely not the first one to mention that! Given this product's popularity and effectiveness, I have a feeling it'll be turning up in Canada in the near future.

  about 1 year ago

I've read if you have full dentures you can't use ZQuiet. If you keep your dentures in while sleeping can't you place the mouthpiece overtop of the dentures?

  about 1 year ago
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