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Best Ideas For Small Online Business Opportunities 101
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Best Ideas For Small Online Business Opportunities 101

Here are some of the best ideas for small online business opportunities 101 that I have come across. What I will do is say a bit about the person involved, why they chose the business they did and what they did about.

The biggest point I want to make here is that you shouldn't set out to reinvent the wheel and you will not conquer the world. Will you create the next Ford Motor Company? It certainly could happen, but do you want to? Would you rather make a nice living from home; cozy, secure and with plenty of time on your hands and no stress?

There's one thing to keep in mind. These people had dreams and they did something about it.

First of the ideas for small online business opportunities 101: A gentleman I know is a professor of Archaeology at a well known university. What wasn't known about this man was that he had a closet obsession. He loved to juggle, yes, the kind of juggling that involves tossing batons, balls, oranges and whatever else is handy. He loves Archaeology, but he wanted to do something to do with juggling.

He eventually stumbled upon a system that allows him to build an internet business part time. What kind of products can he possibly sell? He sells DVD's of himself juggling teaching people to do it also. He has created ebooks on the subject. He holds ecourses online and sells all kinds of juggling stuff that he makes himself. His site is excellent and very busy. With the whole world as a market place, he has no shortage of people interested in juggling.

There's another point to keep in mind as you ponder starting a small online business. Try to break out of the habit of "local thinking". Could this man have done this in a large city? Possibly and probably not. The market is too small. Think big, think World Wide Web.

Second of the ideas for small online business opportunities 101: An older couple living in the great plains of Wyoming love antique china dolls. There is zero market for their hobby where they live, but plenty of interested people on the World Wide Web. They started thinking big, they started thinking world wide and now they have a thriving business buying, trading, keeping and selling antique china dolls from the lonely plains of Wyoming.

Third of the ideas for small online business opportunities 101: A young man in Israel was tired of teaching. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with his two little girls and his wife especially when the girls were little. He thought and thought about what did he really love? His little girls gave him the answer. He loves to organize parties for his girls so he found a system that trained and assisted him every step of the way.

And he thought big. He thought World Wide Web.

He now has a very profitable web site on children' birthday party ideas, he has another site on birthday costumes, another site of ideas for birthday cakes and so on. He thought big.

You should too.

By the way, the take away lessons here are:

  • With the internet, the world is your oyster. You have to learn how the internet business works.
  • Do something you love. That way, even in lean times you're still winning.
  • Think BIG! Think world. Even the tiniest niche could yield a good living when you make your offerings to the world.

The common denominator in all this is knowledge and the best is available on the net. All you have to do is ask for it.

Good luck and God speed!

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