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Creative Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses
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Creative Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Some people think people are just born with a creative knack. That you either got it or you don't. Although to some extent this can be true, anyone can increase their level of creativity through trying new things. So if you feel like you aren't a creative one, and that you can't come up with a creative marketing idea for your small business, well you're wrong. I'm going to show you several marketing ideas and how to increase your level of creativity.

One thing you notice about creative people, is that they are always throwing ideas out there, illogical ones, and logical ones. Although it may be hard, if you want to increase creativity, you have to tone down the side that calls for logical reasoning.

One of the best ways I have found to do this is to examine creative ideas of others and try to see how they came up with, and how or why the idea worked. That way I can try to follow the same pattern of thought in the future.

So one of the most creative marketing campaigns in 2012 was by the lung cancer alliance with several posters declaring that "Cat lovers deserve to die." This was in response to the idea the if someone has lung cancer they deserve to die. And they wanted to draw attention that no one deserves to die, and that lung cancer doesn't differentiate. After the launch of this campaign their website traffic in three days was equivalent to the past 6 months. Now why did this work?

It worked because it was on a controversial topic and gained peoples attentions because it hit close to home. It questioned their moral and values, by asking "who actually deserves to die?"

Now you may thinking but my small business isn't controversial at all! It could be something as innocent as golf. How can I come up with a controversial marketing idea on golf? Have you ever watched the golf channel? If so then you would realize that a lot of the commercials have to deal with sex. More specifically viagra. Almost anyone who watches the golf channel knows this.

So can you turn that into a controversial or funny marketing campaign? So lets say your the head pro at a golf course and you want to increase the number of lessons. You could have an ad that says something like this:

"You may not have a problem getting IT up, but you may have a problem getting the ball up! If so come see me!"

Anyone who watches the golf channel would get this, laugh, and probably come talk to you because you obviously have a sense of humor. Which makes them relax, and people learn easier in a relaxed environment.

So you can look up any creative marketing campaign, and ask yourself "How can I use that for my product or service?"

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