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Don’t Let The Republican Squirrel Ruin Your Dream
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As I drove through town a squirrel ran out in front of my car. It noticed me approaching and started to dart out of my way so I didn't really slow down that much, but then it suddenly darted back in front of my path. By then it was too late for me to do anything but keep on driving.

I listened for a thump and heard nothing. Glancing in my rear view mirror, I didn't see a furry clump on the street. It just disappeared.

I immediately thought of the Republicans. Now I'm ashamed to say that years ago when I was young and idealistic I was Republican. In fact I voted for Regan and am still glad I did, but I think something bad has happened to the Republican party since then.

We've had eight years of Bush and his politics and our children and their children's children are going to pay for his mistakes. You can try to rationalize his choices and that's all they are "rationalizations."

What's this got to do with my squirrel buddy? Well, the Republicans of late are a lot like the squirrel. They run out in front of you thinking they know what they are doing and then all of a sudden you see no cohesion in their approach. The only things they are cohesive about are that they are against abortion (not really much of an issue today as most people are rightfully concerned about keeping their homes) and not raising taxes on those who are well off.

Everyone is thinking that if you raise taxes on those who are well off, they won't spend any money to give us poor bastards jobs? Well, where is the study to prove that? They have studies on the mating habits of butterflies, but where is the study that proves their assumptions. Their ideas are silent subliminals promoting financial disaster of the country.

I have a small manufacturing company and also market programs for stress management strategies, programs on how to improve self worth and empower those who want to stop binging and eating too much. A year ago my company was comprised of four employees plus myself. Today we have eight employees. My business didn't get better, I didn't make more money in the last year than before, but I need to position my company for the future, not for what the market is doing today. Am I the only fool in this country? Should I have gone back to three employees? In fact I used a credit line to keep my people full time employed instead of laying them off when business was really bad and I just finished paying back every dollar to the credit line.

The Republicans are totally off the mark. If we only had our daily expenses to run this country by to be concerned about, then perhaps they are right, but how about the trillions of dollars in national debt and the interest payments from bad management from Congress for decades? Who is to pay that? The middle class who struggles to keep a job? Are these Republicans that stupid or are they just plain greedy? And how do they sell this logic to the middle class who has voted them into Congress? You would think those who voted in the Republicans of late are getting silent subliminals from some place-they can't rationally think that keeping wealthy people and corporations from paying their fair share is right, can they?

If the Wall street protesters in Zuccotti Park had any true insight as to how and why the rich bankers and corporate execs, and subsidized corporations get their money they would be protesting the head of the beast-not its ass. They'd be protesting the Republican party in control of Congress.

Sure the Republican party stands for the American dream-start with nothing and become a millionaire. That's great, but let's not allow that to happen at the expense of everyone else in the middle who is also trying to follow the American dream. And the amazing thing is that the same can be accomplished with the Democrats leading the way.

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