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Easigo - Road Accident Claims Experts
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Easigonon-fault car accident claims

If you live in the United Kingdom and you have been in a car accident that was not your fault then you are at the right place. We can handle many different types of claims including car accident claims, motorcycle accident claims, tax claims, and commercial claims. It is simple. You become a member with us and we will handle your claim instead of the insurance. Why would you choose us over the insurance?

We have no fees, give you a free loaner vehicle, we handle all the paperwork and deal with the other person’s insurer, we offer quick service, and we allow you to pick where you want the repairs. These are just some of the reasons why you should go with us over your regular insurer. We are faster, easier, and will work for you to get the most out of your claim.

Our service only handle claims if they are not your fault. If you are ever in an accident you simply just give us a call, let us know what happened, and we handle insurance claims. Our services give you a car, and pay for your repairs. We also pay any medical bills you have and assist you in getting a settlement. This is a simple solution for most people and a huge time saver for the average person.

How does Easigo work with my accident claim?

Easigo is simple to use. Most people who use us find it to be easy on them and less stress overall. Our job is to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. Whether that means getting you a loaner car or helping you get rehabilitation done so that you can drive again, we are here to help you through it all.

When filing a non-fault car accident claim, as mentioned earlier, we will bring you a loaner car whenever plus we will also deliver that car to wherever you are at. Now, whether you are at work, at home, or visiting your parents, as soon as your car goes in for repair, we will be there with a loaner car for you.

How do I know I am capable of filing an accident claim anyways?

If you were injured and it was not your fault then you are going to be fully capable of filing an accident claim with us. We make your nightmare go away by dealing with the insurer. This service is free to you. We make our money through the other person’s insurer. This is great for most people and we help you get the most out of your claim from day one.

What if I am a passenger? Do I still qualify for a claim?

If you were a passenger you qualify for a claim, period. Whether it was the other drivers fault or your drivers fault you have the right to a claim. We provide passengers of car accidents the same amount of attention and care as we do with all of our clients. If you were injured you should not have to suffer and deal with the headache of insurers and court. We will deal with all of that for you instead.

What if I do not have insurance?

We can still help you recover the car repair costs and injury reports. The only thing is there needs to be an injury claim involved in order for us to help. If you were not injured in the accident we cannot currently help you recover any claims.

This service has been used by thousands of drivers a year that live in the United Kingdom. We are a car accident claims business that deals with these claims every day. We are here to help so that you do not have to deal with your car accident claim yourself or at all. We are free to use and have had a very high success rate.

Insurance companies do not help you like they should. The give you the bare minimum services that you require and do not go out of their way to help their clients. We do the opposite of that and go above and beyond what is required. That is why you should file your car accident claim with

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