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Essential Tips For Hiring Awesome Office Movers In Los Angeles
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Essential Tips for Hiring Awesome Office Movers In Los Angeles

Although moving is considered one of the most stressful events that can occur during a person’s life, residential moves are nothing in comparison with commercial moves. Moving an office or business requires a coordinated effort by the company and the movers, to ensure that business does not stop during the transition. In the digital age, where the network server is king, things become even more complicated as networks need to stay online, and they are tricky instruments to move. Because of the difficulty involved with office moves, it’s of the utmost importance that you hire skilled and experienced office movers. So how do you pick the right ones.

Tips for Hiring the Right Office Movers

  • Get quotes from multiple office movers so that you can compare and contrast the different options available for your office move. Be wary of incredibly low offers that seem too good to be true. You need an office mover that will give you a reasonable rate, but will a provide quality service.
  • Check websites for transparency and accurate information. A company should proudly display its licensing and insurance information, as well as, address, phone number, and owner’s names. If they aren’t clear about that information, then you should start looking at other potential companies.
  • Check out facilities in person. Be sure to visit the moving company’s offices and facilities in person to confirm the information that is presented on the internet. You should also check to see that they have company owned trucks, clean-cut employees, and a professional working environment.
  • Verify licensing information and work history with the Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. Both government regulated organizations keep detailed reports on the moving industry, and can provide you with basic background information on moving companies.

What to Expect from Office Movers

Well-trained office movers will be able to assist with the planning and packing of your move. They should be able to box up or wrap any furniture you have, regardless of size and shape, in a way that keeps it safe throughout the transition. Packing is essential for the protection of belongings during a move, so be sure to hire office movers that can handle that for you. If you have electronics and network servers, they should have specially trained individuals who can move such items. It’s also a good idea to work with your IT team to find solutions for your network being down, should that occur during the transition. The office movers you hire also need to have all equipment and tools necessary for the disassembly and transportation of large furniture. Before you hire a company, verify that they can take care of all of the abovementioned services, so that your move goes off without a hitch. There are great office movers available; you’ll just need to do some leg work and investigating in order to find them.

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