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How I Got Started Selling Items Online
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How I got started selling items online

I started selling items online in 2004. I had a friend that would go to a second hand store and look for items that were in good condition and resell them. I thought – I can do that! And thus began my online career!!

I started with used children’s clothing and looked for brands that seemed to hold their quality and value. Where I’m from, that meant Gymboree and Gap. I made sure to look over the items carefully – rips, wear and fading don’t usually resell well! I found items that I would be comfortable having my own kids wear. Oh, and a word of advice, wash everything that you are planning to sell before listing!!

Sizes are also important. It is much harder to resell baby items. Toddler clothing was always a better bet – usually from 2 – 5T. I think it is because people get more use from the "older kids" sizes. Kids can usually wear them longer than babies do.

And, I always found that unique items would sell better than say a pair of bib overalls. I know, not a very good comparison – but you get the idea – people like to have something different and are usually willing to pay for it.

I continued selling used children’s clothing for quite a long time. My second-hand store always had new items in stock and I would go a couple of times a week – or sometimes wait and go once a month. I even ventured into selling larger sizes – like girl’s 10-12 and sometimes 14. Those are a little trickier because usually by that age the girls want to pick their own clothes – so you really have to look for unique and beautiful items!

Eventually I branched out into selling new items that I would purchase from stores online at big discounts - usually 60-75% off retail. This is where joining a group that sources items to sell for you comes in very handy! I would get daily emails with deals from boutique brands to resell and could make anywhere from $20 + profit!! Now, don’t get me wrong – not everything sold for that much – but if you can find the items people are looking for and can’t find in their town – you can make some good money!

Over the years I branched out from selling just used clothing, to new clothing, to new boutique clothing, to one of a kind items, to items that were hot just for a season. I also delved into selling toys. I actually enjoyed selling toys – but you have to have some storage space – and I didn’t have enough.

The trick to selling online is to always do your research in advance! You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on an item and find out that you will only make enough profit to cover your selling fees!

I hope this article gives you some ideas on how to start selling items online!

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