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Latest List Of Small Business Ideas - Sharpen The Cutting Edge Of Your Small Business Internet Marketing
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I am often asked about what is on my favorite list of small business ideas.

There is one thing in common to all the items on my list and I urge you to include it also in your personal list. Passion for the main theme of your business.


Imagine earning a great living from home not just doing what is popular and needed in the market for your area, but doing something that you love to do whether it is growing veggies or repairing bulldozers! If you love the subject of your business, you will not only survive, but you will thrive.

All of the items on my list could be made to work in a major centre, but I urge you to expand your mind to the world wide web. All of the following ideas are actual, real live businesses that are making people their living.

Small business Idea 1: Everyone is expert at something. What do you know that could be sold? A lady I spoke to said that she had no skills, that she had been taking care of her two sick parents all her adult life. She considered herself totally devoid of skills until I asked her, "You are an expert at taking care of sick people at home, aren't you?"

I could see the light going on in her head. It had never occured to her that others might pay to learn about all she had learned.

Small business Idea 2: We are in a world of collectibles whether it is old tv memorabilia or old tobacco cans. If this is your cup of tea (there is a whole world out there of tea tins, too), learn to build a web site properly and attract traffic. There are so many subjects and the world is such a huge market that practically anything, with time, can be grown into a great income.

Understand what I am saying here?

Small Business Idea 3: If collecting is not your thing, then turn another kind of hobby into a successful business.

  • I know of a man retired from the navy who was an electronics technician. He has a passion for radio antennaes of all things. Guess what, he has a great little site on antennaes he designs himself. Not to mention that he has customers all over the world with whom he can share ideas.
  • Another person I know is a computer buff. He developed a special liking for XP and does very well running a web site that specializes in computer software upgrades and fixes.
  • A young woman lost her job in a factory. She's always had a love of radio controlled aircraft. Ann invested very little money, but a lot of her time exploring small business ideas and how to exploit the 101 small business opportunity ideas that came to her. Her site is now known world wide as the best place to go for model aircraft.

Small Business Idea 4: Green is the name of the game nowadays. If helping the planet sets your heart to pounding, you can learn all about the green movement, find some companies to represent and start your little green business from home. Always keep the internet at the back of your mind. It can be a great business just by itself or a great expander of your local business area.

Can you see that there is basically no limit to what you can build a business on? The only missing ingredients are your time and ambition.

Conclusion: My list of possibilities is much longer than the one above, but I wanted to give you an idea of which direction you should point your thinking. A woman I know lives on the Canadian prairies. She is a nurse who wanted to stay home to raise her kids. She has a web site specializing in equipment to help the aged get along by themselves.

She is an agent for a company 200 miles away that manufactures these things. She sells on the internet and they ship for her, collect the money and handle any complaints.

There is a lot of this sort of thing going on and it is referred to as affiliate marketing.

Can you see where the internet is the great equalizer in business? It doesn't care if you are an uneducated mom operating from the kitchen table or a big conglomerate operating out of Wall Street.

By the way, keep in mind that all this isn't pie in the sky stuff. There is much to learn, but you will find that everything you need to understand can be found for free on the internet.

Good luck and God speed.

Street Talk

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