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Office Relocation Solutions For Los Angeles
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Office Relocation Solutions for Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a Mecca for the entertainment industry, those who love fine dining and shopping, and for people who love outdoor activities. Twelve million people call the area home, or head there for work each day. Downtown features eye-opening high rises and an over-abundance of industry, while the suburbs provide unbelievable homes and welcoming communities. Regardless of whether it's for pleasure, or work, Los Angeles is an incredible place to be. As the city continues to grow, more and more businesses are growing with it. When your business grows out of its current space, and it's time for a new location, choosing the right professional movers is an important step. Here are a few things to consider before your office relocation:

Whenever you're moving an office, the first choice you must make is deciding between using a professional office moving company, or taking the do-it-yourself approach. Because most office moves involve the transportation of things like; conference tables, desks, servers, and filing cabinets, it's crucial to understand the amount of work those items require.

Large and heavy objects such as those require tools like a dolly, or cart. Things like packing and wrapping office items also come into play, as that requires time, supplies, and knowledge of proper packing. If you want your office relocation to be easy and efficient, the best course of action is to hire a Los Angeles office moving company. A local professional will have a unique knowledge of the city, as well as, office relocation, which will greatly expedite the entire process.

Once you've made a decision regarding hiring a professional, it's time to plan your move. Set your moving dates in stone, that way you can organize everything with the moving company, or your own people. If you need storage, choose a facility and orchestrate the dropping off of your offices' belongings.

Decide whether you're going to have your employees help with the packing, or whether the moving company will handle it. If you leave it up to your employees, organize a time for showing them how to properly pack. A properly devised plan will allow you to conquer any little complications that arise during the transition. Additionally, if you work with a professional office mover, they'll help you devise a plan and will prepare you for the types of issues that arise during office relocations.

Because of Los Angeles' constant road congestion, having a parking area and route picked out is essential for avoiding traffic and other issues during the move. Parking is at a premium in Los Angeles, and having a space near the building you're moving into will prevent you from dealing with long carries and additional fees. A long carry is when a moving company has to carry your possessions beyond 75ft from truck to unload destination.

If you don't use a professional mover you obviously won't have to worry about long carry fees, but you should take into account the strain it will put on the people you're using as movers. Having a route and appropriate time of day picked out will allow you to get the truck from point A to point B with minimal hassle. It will also cut down on the drive time fees that will be incurred. The moving industry legally requires local moving companies to charge a "double drive time" fee, which means that if your drive takes thirty minutes you will be billed for one hour. Avoid racking up the charges with proper planning. Also, using a local office mover, with an extensive knowledge of L.A.'s roadways can save you money on drive time fees.

As our society delves further into its media obsession, more and more workplaces are going paperless. If you are one such company, and have networks and servers, it's important to formulate a plan with your IT people for handling the time when your servers are being moved. Your networks may have to go down for a time, unless you have backup servers in place to handle the transition. Have your IT people create a list of common questions, occurrences, and solutions for the issues that will arise should your networks be offline temporarily.

Also make sure they are prepared to transfer the networks to the backups if necessary. During the transition, the safety of your servers is of the utmost importance, and they should be heavily wrapped in moving blankets and transitioned with the help of a dolly. A do-it-yourself office relocation is extraordinarily difficult when servers are involved. Make sure to plan well in advance when you're doing it yourself, or go the easy route and hire Los Angeles office movers who will do the job right.

The main difficulty with office relocation is often the size and shape of the furniture being moved. Items like conference tables, desks, and cubicles must be disassembled and the individual pieces wrapped and packed. If you're doing the disassembly yourself, be sure to have a power drill, the proper bit, and an extra bag for loose screws. If you're using professionals, they will have those tools readily available. Additional equipment for heavy items includes dollies and carts, which take the strain off of a person's back. Hiring a local professional will also ease the burden on you, and ensure that your items are safely and securely transported to your new office.

Los Angeles is the perfect place for your business to grow and evolve. The diversity of cultures, and eclectic nature of the city, creates opportunities for businesses of all kinds to thrive. If you're taking the reins on your move, be sure to take into account the abovementioned information when you formulate your plan of attack. If you're hiring Los Angeles based office movers, do extensive research and choose the perfect company for your move. Good luck with your office relocation, and enjoy Los Angeles or wherever the world takes your business.

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