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Operating An Ohio Winery
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Operating An Ohio Winery

Do you have an interest in opening a winery in Ohio? Do you know all the state liquor rules as they apply to Ohio wineries? There is nothing worse than having a dream and carrying out part of the work and then htting a wall. So before you go any further with your dreams of opening a winery you should start learning the rules that you will need to follow if you are in the state of Ohio.

In this article you will not find all you need to know, but if you read through all the recommend articles at the end of this page each you will be one step ahead of the game. Each one will concentrate on a different point about the rules and regulations concerning operating a winery in Ohio. Here, I will concentrate on the state's definition of a alcohol beverage as it pertains to wineries and wine.

Alcohol Beverage - Ohio Winery, what is wine

What is considered wine?

Wine - is a liquid produced as the end result of the fermentation (metabolism) of fruits juices, with the purpose of being a beverage purchased by the public. Furthermore, for this fermented liquid to be considered wine, it, the liquid, can't be more than 21% alcohol in content. Also, and the low end, if the beverage fermented from fruit juices contains even a half of a percent of alcohol it is still considered a wine.

This means if you are selling a liquid to the public that is the result of fermentation of fruit juices and it is between 0.5 - 21% in alcohol content then all the rules surrounding the sale of wine will apply to you. So watch it, the long arm of the law could be knocking on your door if you don't. Watch it!

The liquid is not a wine if it contains less than a half percent of alcohol or if it contains over 21% alcohol.

This little information on wine alcohol content may seem like a simple rule that is insignificant and of no help to you. Remember though to do anything right, it is very important that you understand even the simplest rules. Learn more about Ohio wineries and also locate your favorite wineries across the state. Another idea for learning more about operating a winery in Ohio is to contact different winery owners and ask them a few questions most are very friendly and will be happy to help.

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