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Preparing For Your Food Truck’s Opening Day
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Preparing for Your Food Truck’s Opening Day

Opening day is approaching and you’re beginning to feel excited – and nervous! Of course, it can be a little scary preparing for your first day of business – after all, you’ve been planning for this day for months. But have no fear; you are in more control regarding the success of your business’s first day than you think. So, what can you do to prepare? We suggest that you begin thinking of the three ways that you can “create” money as a mobile food stand owner.

The first way to make money from your catering truck’s operations is - most obviously – with over-the-counter sales. So, focus customer service, quality of menu items, and the location of your food trailer. Without all of those characteristics, your catering truck is not going to be successful. Secondly, your truck can make money with shipping sales. On your opening day, make sure that your customers are aware that they can also order goods from your truck online or by phone to be shipped to their locations. Lastly, you can increase sales with packaged goods that are sold at your mobile food stand. Often, customers purchase meals or snacks for later while they’re purchasing their current meals, especially if they’re heading into work after visiting your mobile food stand. Make sure that these products are prepackaged and stay fresh for several hours (with or without refrigeration).

We already mentioned location, but it’s worth saying again. Actually, it’s worth saying three times. Location, location, location. To succeed in the food trailer industry, whether it’s a day or a year, you need a great location. A great location is an area that receives a lot of foot traffic, whether it’s at an event or on a street. Areas with decent amounts of food traffic are usually lined with businesses, retail stores and/or office buildings. However, make sure that you are aware of the parking restrictions and limitations for your food trailer business. Don’t even consider opening your food truck without having your first few locations in mind. Over time, you’ll recognize which locations are better for specific days and times - but even for your first day it’s necessary to have an idea of the best places to park.

Before opening day arrives, you’ll also want to ensure that your truck’s presentation is perfect. Presentation includes the uniforms of your employees, the decor on the outside of the catering truck, the appearance of your dishes, and the way the inside of your food truck appears to customers standing at the service window.

What else? Use social media to spread the word. Even if you’re not having a grand opening party, invite all of your friends, families, and peers on social networking sites to visit the stand on its first day. You can even offer incentives, such as a free drink or discounts on meals, if your customers show you that they’re following you on Twitter or post a tweet or Facebook post about your mobile food stand.

Sounds like a lot all at once, but luckily you’ve had time to prepare. Now, it’s time to show the world what your food truck business is serving up. Who knows – you might just be the next Kogi BBQ truck.

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