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Recession Proof Home Business Ideas
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Recession Proof Home Business Ideas

Searching for recession proof home business ideas or a home based residual income?

This article reviews some tried and tested recession proof home based business ideas to inspire you to take the plunge.

I spent considerable time researching small businesses before opting to run a debt consulting practice and I have never looked back!

A recesssion proof business should provide essential services and products or cheap alternatives which will always be in demand regardless of the economy.

Debt Consultant

In a recession more people rely on their credit cards, lines of credit and pay day loans etc due to reduced working hours, wages and unemployment.

A debt consultant helps people out of debt by negotiating the amount owing to their creditors. You will prepare and send letters to the creditors explaining your client`s financial position and offer to settle with a lump sum payment for a lesser amount than that owing or agree a payment plan over a specified number of months.

There is minimum equipment required and this recession proof business can easily be home based.

Non-Medical Senior Home Care

In society where average life expectancy is ever increasing due to medical advances and quality of life there is also an ever increasing demand for senior home care services regardless of the economy. A recent report by Metlife stated that the average cost per year for a semi-private room in a nursing home was $74,000, hardly affordable in a poor economy! Also many seniors prefer to live in their own home to maintain their independence and drive for life but unfortunately this can put undue stress on family members who have to look after them.

Computer Repair

If you are the type of person who enjoys problem solving and fiddling around with technical equipment and software then you may consider setting up a computer repair and maintenance business. Most business owners and residential users either are scared to death at the thought of opening up or tweeking their computer or cannot afford the time to do so. Typical services offered would be the installation of new devices and software, upgrades, cleaning out virus and malware and general trouble shooting.

Tutoring Services

With goverment budgets getting cut and class sizes getting larger there is presently a healthy demand for tutoring services. Even when finances are tight parents will still spend money on their child`s education in order that they may enter college or university education.

Virtual Office Assistant

In a poor economy companies are all trying to cut down their administration overheads. Sometimes the workload has dropped and they need to let staff go and /or they need to cut down their running costs due to decreased revenue.

A virtual office assistant is a service such companies will often turn to. A virtual office assistant carries out administration tasks for businesses remotely using information technology and may operated by an entrepreneur from home.

Cost Reduction Analyst

Companies will always be looking to cut down operating costs during a recession to become more profitable. As a cost reduction analyst you will analyse a company`s operating costs and identify areas where savings may be made thus increasing its profit margin. There is a multitude of costs which may be investigated ranging from mailing, stationary supplies, printing costs and computer supplies to vehicle parts, beverages services, insurance services........The list goes on and on! You will have an expertise in these cost categories which your clients do not and also you may have more purchasing power than small businesses.

I Found an Idea How Do I Become Successful?

Research the idea in detail and learn from those who have been successful before you.

Make sure you are aware of the 10 Golden Rules for setting up and running a business.

And of course, passion and a lot of hard work!

Street Talk


This is a really nice article. I have really enjoyed reading it.

  about 8 years ago

Really nice!

  about 8 years ago

You researched this very well, it's full of great information. Thanks for sharing it!

  about 9 years ago

I enjoyed your article about home business ideas. I live in a small town, so if I worked for a company, I would probably have a 30-minute to a one-hour commute. I prefer to save time by working at home.

  about 1 decade ago

I enjoyed your article about home business ideas. I live in a small town, so if I worked for a company, I would probably have a 30-minute to a one-hour commute. I prefer to save time by working at home.

  about 1 decade ago
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