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Starting A Business - How To Get Customers To Buy
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Starting A Business - How To Get Customers To Buy

I have noticed when starting a business, online or off line, that the process of wooing a customer is similar. Business is all about the customer - keeping them happy so that they keep return and buying from you.

First common thread - Demand

Starting a business off line is fraught with many concerns, primarily about supplying to customers in that local area what they really want and is in short supply. Only then can you worry about the rent and overheads. The first worry is about getting customers through the door.

The great thing about starting an online business, is the information supplied by Google Adwords. This tool supplies Demand and Supply information and it is available to you at the click of a button. What then occurs in starting a online business is to select keywords that have a high demand and low supply and naturally, you'd stay away from those with low demand.

Second common thread - Great Product = Great Content

It is evident that customers whether they're found online or off line behave in exactly the same way. Customers expect to be wooed and courted. They need to be persuaded that your product or service or information adds value to the lives.

That's why people shop - they're looking for value, not just financial value, but value that betters their lives, materially and/or psychologically. They may feel important while purchasing a Porsche and they feel valued and respected when they drive their beautiful car. If they were looking for a good value car that will get them places, there would be no market for Porsches, Ferraris and Maseratis.

Likewise, in starting a online business, in order to keep customers feeling like they've experienced value in visiting your site, your site needs to address exactly what it is that they're there for. People use the web for information - so give your visitors great content. Make it look professional, make your visitor feel respected and valued and that you've taken the time to consider your presentation and to give them the best possible web experience while on your pages.

Third common thread - Customers = Traffic

In an off line business, you worry about getting customers. You worry if you're in the right location. Did the advertising work? Was the promotion at the local sports oval noticed? Are your marketing efforts bringing in extra customers?

In starting an online business, you worry about getting traffic so you can build a list. You work the forums, you comment on blogs, you source back links, you use PPC advertising, write articles, use your squidoo lens and hub pages and find ways to throw your links around waiting for someone to click on it.

Fourth common thread - Trust = Presell

It is a fact that customers buy only when they trust you.

Whether you're the corner grocery store, or a large franchise chain, or the person writing articles driving traffic to an affiliate's page - it is exactly the same for online and off line businesses. Your customer must like coming to your store/ website and when they trust you to supply good, reliable products/information, it's only then that they'll even think about opening their wallets.

The important step is to build trust.

Fifth common thread - Monetization

For those new to starting a business, this is your most wanted response. You want customers to come into your store AND actually buy something. Ideally, they'll keep coming back to buy more and they'll tell others about your store.

For those starting an online business, monetization occurs when your visitor clicks on an affiliate link AND buys the product.


To get to the stage of a customer clicking on the "Buy Now" button or standing at the cash register at your store, you will need to have created a situation where

  1. you've found what customers want
  2. you deliver your product/ information in a way that shows an excellent product or best value
  3. the customers keep coming back
  4. you've built trust with your customers
  5. they then buy from you.

Wishing you every success in business!

Street Talk

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