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Three Steps To Take When Moving Long Distance In Los Angeles
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Three Steps to Take When Moving Long Distance In Los Angeles

Every long distance move is unique, but they all share the common bond of being an epic, stress-inducing experience, which tests our mettle as human beings. Our entire lives are uprooted, and transitioned a great distance to some new land that may even be in a whole new country. Language barriers, social barriers, economic barriers, many obstacles will present themselves during a long distance move, and that’s why it’s important to simplify the moving process.

Often that is done with the assistance of a long distance moving company, as they specialize in such transitions, but even with a good moving company it’s a good idea to handle certain things yourself. Here are three steps to take as you prepare for your next long distance move:

1. Know exactly what you will be moving. This is crucial during the estimate phase, as your rate for long distance moves will be based on how much stuff you have. If you can clearly describe exactly what will be going with you, the moving company will be able to provide you with an accurate quote price; however, if you don’t know exactly what will be going, or it’s subject to change, your price is subject to change accordingly. Knowing what you want to bring will also make it easier to discard the unnecessary or unwanted items, and it will make it much easier to gather supplies as you prepare to pack. By discarding unwanted items and gathering materials yourself, you will save yourself from having to pay the moving company to do it. Knowing what your moving saves you time and money, so start figuring that out and compiling a list now.

2. Handle as much packing as possible on your own. You will save yourself a bundle of money by handling the packing yourself, as a long distance moving company will charge for that service. It’s important to remember though, that proper packing is essential for protecting your belongings throughout your journey. It’s imperative to understand exactly how to fill space, how to wrap, and how to load items. Make sure that all items are wrapped in packing paper or packing materials before they are loaded into a box or onto a truck. Once wrapped, small items should be carefully placed into boxes so that the space in between can be filled by additional packing materials. Once your box is packed, you should be able to gently shake it and not feel or see any movement from the items inside. When loading items onto the truck, the concept is similar, fill all space so that the items cannot move. If needed, use extra packing materials and extra boxes to prevent your items from shifting during the move. Should you feel that your packing skills are not up to snuff, practice a few times until you've got it down, that way you don’t risk damaging your belongings.

3. Set aside all valuables, electronics, and sensitive documents/ information. All of these items are important, and thus need to be accounted for throughout the move. Create a box or set of boxes specifically for your valuables and necessary everyday items. From laptops to jewelry, phones to passports, these are the items that you simply cannot afford to lose. If you pack these items with the rest of your household goods, you risk items getting lost in the mix, which can lead to some very uncomfortable moments during the unpacking process. Have all documents, ID’s, and similar materials packed into folders to keep things neat and organized, and then have the folders placed into a box with your other valuable. All jewelry should be wrapped in packing materials and carefully placed into boxes, as should all electronics. Keep these valuables close at hand, even in the same vehicle as you, through the course of the move so that there is no confusion.

These three steps will prepare you for your next long distance move. To streamline the process even further, do some research and then hire a great long distance moving company. Companies that specialize in long distance moves will have the tools and training to protect your belongings and efficiently move them anywhere in the world. Good luck with your move.

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