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Tips For Free And Easy Advertising
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Did you have an idea that you can do something worthwhile every day that could be an opportunity to advertise your online business?

Do you know what is it?

Distribute electronic mails. By how many electronic mails do you send daily? I have counted the e-mails I sent in the Sent folder. By the way, I am using numerous free e-mail accounts but I have discovered that in merely one account I found an average of 12-14 emails a day meaning you can have 84-98 emails every week!

A Couple of Chances at No Cost Advertising

Haven’t you understood that every time you sent out an e-mail, you get a couple of prospects to promote your business?

No. 1-With all your E-mail Accounts

Observe the email accounts you are applying for your business. Are you applying e-mail addresses like “iamcrazy(at)yahoo(dot)com” or maybe “thehunk(at)Hotmail(dot)com”?

Fine, it’s a bit funny, but you would be astonished with several of the e-mail addresses I see. There are some that may be reserved for e-zine acceptance, but I also received lots of messages from micro-business proprietors with these kinds of e-mail addresses.

What is erroneous with this?

Probably, they are losing an opportunity of free advertising. If you are using an e-mail address like bangs(at)7stepsmarketing(dot)com, it is not impossible to get more exposure for your business name with every electronic message you sent out.

You’ll be able to Establish Your Trademark and Company

What? Everyone that you are sending e-mail know already about your business? Well, that’s ok. It’s a good support. So why not do it when it doesn’t need you to withdraw any cost. And also it gives your business a quality representation even if you are just wearing sleeping clothes while e-mailing in your home office.

Apply Your Site Domain Name as Email Address

Preferably, your site domain name must be the same with the name of your business and your web-hosting must have at least considerable free e-mail addresses. It is very easy to setup but if you’re uncertain with this matter, you can consult your host. Chances are they will address it in their Frequently Asked Questions or on online help.

No. 2 – Apply an Electronic Mail Signature

The second approach you can advertise your business at no cost is by applying an e-mail signature.

Although it is not an online business, or even if you have a website but the domain name is different to the name of your business, you can freely take favor of this.

Set it up one time and use it day by day.

There are e-mail softwares you can use like MS Outlook and Outlook Express which offer a signature option you can setup so every e-mail you dispatch is marked-off with a constant signature.

Generate Your own Private Signature

Below are the details you’ll want to include in your electronic mail signature. It’s up to you if you are going to take all of these details or else your signature will become longer. Just select what is necessary and append the data that signifies how you want prospects connect with you.

  • First and Last Name
  • Title (if appropriate)
  • Business Name
  • Tagline
  • Email Address
  • Web Site Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Snail Mail Address

An Invitation to Subscribe to Your E-newsletter, Ezine or Receive a Free Report (or any other free information you provide)

Here is my sample of the electronic mail advertising signature I included on each e-mail I dispatch:

Molly Berton

The 7stepmarketing System

“If you can answer 7 queries, then you will market your business effectively!”

xxx-xxx-xxxx phone

xxx-xxx-xxxx fax



To receive your free weekly marketing tutorial articles subscribe to the 7stepmarketing E-zine where you can get cheap advertising ideas, pointers and consultations.

It tallies 70-80 Costless Promos Weekly!

You are consistently advertising your business if you are marking-off each e-mail you sent with an e-mail signature. And also your contact details are there if they want to communicate with you. It will be hassle-free for them to look for your contact details.

It is important that to be able people to know what is your company is all about or what services it offers; you must have a good e-mail signature.

We don’t really know where one of your emails is going to conclude to. May be it will be forwarded to someone who will be your next customer.

Establish Website Traffic With Distinctive Promotions

By employing your signature, you can also build traffic to your website through alluring them visit your site to free reports or to subscribe to your electronic newsletter.

You can also use your signature in advertising new products or marketing. I just altered my signature today to advertise a startup equity program.

The Setup of Your E-mail Address

Be certain that the e-mail address you’re employing is setup like this: yourname(at)yourdomain(dot)com

Setting up Your E-mail Signature

If you are using MS Outlook, go to the Tools option on the toolbar, click on Options, and then Mail Format. You will see Signatures at the bottom of the window. You can setup one or as many as you’d like. Then select the one you prefer to use to all your e-mail messages.

Without spending extra time or money, you will be establishing your trademark and business by doing these things.

With any company, it’s important to you should definitely know how to always be fair with employees and founders on the subject of dividing up the equityas part of your company. Slicing Pie, by Mike Moyer, provides a straightforward solution to understanding start-up fairness.

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