An Overview Of Snowboarding For Beginners
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Snowboarding as a recreational activity needs more than just courage and skills for one to really get the pleasure it accords. Actually, snowboarding mainly involves descending a slope that is covered with sandy-like snow while standing on a snowboard buckled on a rider’s feet, hence the name “snow-boarding”. Snowboarding as a sport can be can be traced back to at least 1998, and since then, milestones in terms of progress and sophistication have been laid. In this article, we will be discussing briefly about snowboarding, a few tips beginners should observe and possibly a couple of things to look for in comfortable and safest snowboard boots presently available in the market.

5 Tips for Beginner Snowboarders

So you are new to snowboarding and all the crazy “theatrics” you’ve heard or seen people do while snowboarding, and possibly don’t have an idea of how too or where to start from. Well! Fret no more, under this segment; we will be discussing precisely 5 tips for snowboarding beginners.

1. Learn your Snowboard Stance. The first tip that every snowboarding beginner should know is whether they will be riding goofy or regular. In other words, goofy means that your right foot is forward while regular means your left foot is forward. This actually depends on a number of issues, the most important one being your ultimate comfort. However, note that as time progresses you will find it easy to pull any stance you want.

2. Snowboarding Clothing. Clothing is quite essential when learning to snowboard. I suppose you understand that you are not going to climb on top of a mountain with a vest and rubber. Snowboarding is a sport; rather an activity that takes place in cold regions and therefore, whatever clothing you decide to wear should be not only comfortable, but also capable of keeping you warm. Considerably, you should opt to purchase a few snow pants, specifically made for snowboarding. These pants are fitted with extra padding designed to keep you dry and lessen bruising should you trip and fall.

3. Take a lesson in snowboarding. Snowboarding is a practical thing and regardless of how fast you are in self training, it will really help if you take a few lessons. Not only will it expedite your learning, you will also learn in the process how to snowboard safely. Alternatively, you can take just a few lessons to get you started and then learn the rest tricks on yourself.

4. Skating is not an option; it’s a necessity. If you truly want to become a champion in snowboarding, then it’s a mandatory that you learn how to skate from one place to another. It will make you flexible and also help you when it comes to gliding the board forward.

5. Know the trail symbols. For this reason, it is exactly why you need to take a lesson in snowboarding. In areas where snowboarding takes place, there are usually trails marked in different colours. If you go snowboarding without the knowledge of what different trails mean, you will definitely get yourself where you as a beginner ought not to. Therefore, before doing anything, take a lesson, learn safety measures, what different trail symbols mean, get yourself the right attire and starting working your way up.

Other tips worth mentioning are knowing how to fall and learning how to ride on your toes and knees.

Most Comfortable Snowboard Boots

Actually, there are many comfortable snowboard boots available in the market. In this article we will give an overview of how comfortable snowboard boots should look like and/or feel like. In this way you can choose the best snowboarding boots.

• Fit-when shopping for snowboard boots, one should go for ones that fit snugly but not tight enough to cause pain. With a good/sufficiently fitting boots, your toes will gently graze the boot’s toecap making you feel comfortable when snowboarding.

• Boot flex- boot flex is actually a personal preference thing. Different flexes do exist ranging from soft to stiff. For beginners, it is recommended that you start with soft ones, and then later on proceed to stiffer ones as you advance in skills.

• Lacing system- to be comfortable as a beginner, it’s ideal that you opt for traditional lacings which are easily customizable. Other types of lacing include boa lacing and quick pull lacing.

Other things to look for are fitting size, insoles or orthopaedic foot beds and appearance.


As a beginner, we believe you are now set to go, you just have to choose the best snowboarding equipment, learn a few tricks and get the party started. As you embrace your new venture, be advised to be in company of professionals or expert snowboarders just in case of an emergency; they may also prove to be helpful, rather resourceful.

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