Snowmoblie Goggles
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Snowmoblie Goggles

Selecting the Right Snowmobile Goggles

Winter outdoor activities, such as riding snowmobiles, snowboarding and skiing involve speed and need protective eye-gear so the sport is not only enjoyable but is safe. Wearing the right snowmobile goggle protects the eyes from natural elements, like snow, ice, wind, branches and other debris. Goggles also protect the eyes from harmful rays that reflect off the white snow from the sun. Traveling at a high speed will cause the eyes to water unless wearing goggles.

But wearing just any goggle will not guarantee 100% hazard protection. For example, frostbite is a common problem if the goggle is not the right fit. Here are a few simple tips to consider when shopping around for your new snowboard goggle:

  • Look for a solid seal. Goggles with a bordering foam around the rim helps prevent wind leakage. The foam depth may differ from one face shape another to another person’s fit
  • Try on the helmet with the goggle. Because everyone’s head and face shape is different, try on different helmets and goggles to get the right fit. You may end up finding that the manufacture for one helmet fits perfectly for a goggle from another manufacturer. Another important reason to try on both is because the helmet pulls on the goggle straps and can cause the wind to seep through.
  • Anti-fog coating. Even the best goggles can’t prevent your body heat from traveling into your goggle, causing it to fog up. An enthusiast should consider carrying an anti-fog cleaner. It takes just a few seconds to spray, wipe, and dry.

If you’re still having issues with your goggle, it may be the size of the balaclava. The cloth headgear should cover just around the eye socket areas and not too far out from the area.

Finally, for people who wear glasses should consult with an optician about prescription goggle lenses. wearing goggles that reduce visibility will put you in danger.

There are different ways to wear prescriptions either as glasses under your goggles or actual lenses mounted in you goggles.

Glasses under your goggles will tend to fog up quite a bit

Also remember that polarized lenses can be a hazard as they tend to block out small bumps in the snow or make them look a lot smaller than they really are ,that's why skiers don,t wear them. as long as you have good UV on the lenses a tint will be perfect preferably Gray or Brown.

if you have any questions please leave a comment I answer all of them

Bob the Optician guy : )

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