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With the arrival of the colder months of the year, it is important to learn about ideal for those sports in the snow because they not only allow you to enjoy a great time of fun and adrenaline but for working each body part, also balance and regulating practice the positions and movement directions. If you are a lover of these winter sports, then we will inform each of the differences, advantages and disadvantages of the splitboard and Snowboard.

The splitboard is a modality that has not gained much prominence as snowboarding, although the table used is the same, in this case is split in half lengthwise, like ski boards. They are ideal to climb mountains with snow as they have in the bottom with sealskin. Once you go up to the mountain, the two tables must be set splitboard with each other, forming a single snowboard, which is used to descend the mountain.

The splitboard emerged in the 90s and now a lot of brands manufacture their tables, which are chosen by more and more athletes and lovers of extreme sports on snow.

Some of the advantages of these tables are: mountain climbing can be done easily as with ski tables as a very similar way. Splitboard tables have a larger surface area which helps the feet are strong and do not sink in deeper snow mantles.

A disadvantage is that often make difficult crossings where hard snow slope and they do not have sufficient rigidity for such adventures.

By joining the board, ideal for downhill as it adapts perfectly to any type of snow, it is important to perform a lot of practice to adapt and to do it correctly.

Meanwhile Snowboarding is a sport that can be done in several ways, unlike the splitboard, this has a single table of descent.

This sport is ideal to exercise endurance, and feel the freedom adenalina. Like the splitboard, both tone and are very good for the body and mind, allow to achieve coordination and avoid stress.

In snowboarding, the person must remain standing on the table, placing one foot in front and one behind, sliding on snowy ground. It is important that the feet are secure as in the splitboard. Some of its forms are: Freestyle, Freeride, Snowboard cruise, Parallel slalom and boardercross.

Many people choose to enjoy the splitboard both the ascent and the descent, others prefer snowboarding because they feel safer with the table which is made in one piece to comparing it to become splitboard snowboard should be secured climb the two tables.

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