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Arsenal Fc - Infuriated Doesn't Describe Me: Arsenal V Qpr
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Arsenal Fc  -  Infuriated Doesn\'t Describe Me: Arsenal V Qpr

I just finished venting on my blog page - 'Mister Spruce' - on blogger, and I'm still seething. I decided to vent on that page first because I could seethe in 50 lines, but here, here I have to and should be more creative with my literal seething.

I have supported this club since the year 2001. For some folks, that's a pretty short time but, for me it is a very long time. In that time, nations have risen and fallen, economies have collapsed, children born then are now pregnant with their own offspring (seriously though!), I have grown old...; the list is endless. However, since Arsenal's trophy less seasons began, they have always had a special way of infuriating me. I don't know about you but, if you agree with this write-up, let me know.

Arsenal played Queens Park Rangers (QPR) this Saturday, some four hours ago (London GMT) and lost 2-1. QPR, a team on the verge of relegation, a team whose squad is not half the total value of Arsenal's talented squad (I mean worth in monetary terms, and please, skip the fact that Arsenal is a breeding farm of young talents with the motto: 'Buy for Less, Sell for More'). Today - that depends on when you read this article - QPR showed more heart and determination in a match where no one would have imagined or anticipated their success.

Adel Taarabt put QPR in front after only 22 minutes of play time; can you beat that!? Again, I hope to ring it in Arsene Wenger's ears, 'The Defence!', 'The Defence!!', 'The Defence’!!! Christ Lord! What is wrong with that man!? He is ready to splash about £35 million on Goetz - who by the way has turned down all offers including Arsenal's and signed a further two years with his present club - and pay paltry attention to Arsenal's defence. Goetz is a wonderful midfielder/player, no doubt about that but, I personally think he should be spending that money trying to buy defenders, say, Chris Samba or Leonardo Bonucci. Besides, if he is so interested in buying very young players as he is wont to do, he can purchase up-coming talent Frederik Sorensen from Juventus.

Although Arsenal had possession of the ball for most part of the game, they failed to convert opportunities as usual. I think Van Persie should be paired with a clinical striker, that combination would be lethal. Anyway, Theo Walcott equalised in the 37th minute but again, with Arsenal pressing, their already vulnerable defence was left open and Diakite slotted in QPR's second goal, that's the game in summary; I'm too upset to go into it in details, it's like recounting a bad experience, or don't you think so?

QPR held theirs today with a defence more solid, more willing and more determined than Arsenal's. Period.

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