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Co-ed Soccer Teams: Why Men And Women Working Together Can Be A Good Thing
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In many cities across the country there are several different types of soccer teams, from men’s to women’s and even co-ed soccer teams. Having both sexes playing on the same team can actually be a good thing for a number of reasons. If you have never played on co-ed soccer teams or any mixed sports team at all for that matter, it might be time for you to give the concept a little bit of a try. After all, you might not have any idea of what you are missing. There are actually many reasons why a person might be interested in joining co-ed soccer teams, here are a few:

To Meet Members of the Opposite Sex

Think about it; you have tried the fix ups, the blind dates and even online matching services and still have not the person of your dreams. You join one of the co-ed soccer teams mostly because you love the sport and suddenly you find yourself falling in love with your line mate who has more in common with you than anyone you were ever matched with before. Take that computer based matching services!

To Get Exercise the Right Way

You ever notice how much harder a guy will run on a treadmill if a girl is around? It doesn’t matter if she is a pretty girl or not, you let a female in the gym and the guys are busy sucking in their guts and huffing and puffing away with the girls no better at all. If having the other sex on the field will get you to work that much harder, than it is more than a good idea, it is the best idea ever! Co-ed soccer teams that serve as super motivation is even better than that for a number of reasons.

To Play on Each Other’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Maybe you think that the women will slow you down or the women think that the men will hog the ball and maybe both of those will be true at first, however eventually the team will pull together as a more cohesive unit and they will work together.

Co-ed soccer teams can help not only with team work but can really serve as an eye opener for a number of myths and fallacies that never seem to want to die. You might be shocked to learn that women are better at working a ball through a field of opponents because they have a remarkable sense of close in spaces or that men are good at powering through.

By being able to work together on the field as part of co-ed soccer teams, who knows, men and women may be able to finally once and for all work together as humans in other aspects of their lives as well. No one is saying that co-ed soccer teams will ever be the end of the sexual divide, but team sports may be a way to narrow that divide.

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