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How To Improve Ball Control - Soccer
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The greatest thing about soccer is the simplicity of the sport. As long as you have a ball you can play almost anywhere. You can play alone or in a team. There aren't really any other sports where you can do this. Perhaps this is the reason why soccer is the world's most popular sport?

But what if you want or need to get better at soccer and improve your ball control? It is absolutely crucial in soccer to have good control of the ball. In fact without good ball control then you will probably struggle when it comes to playing in a match.

However there are a lots of simple soccer drills that can help you get better at soccer quickly, as long as you're willing to put in a bit of effort. Doing some extra training away from your team mates is a great thing to do.

Sometimes when we play with friends we don't focus on the basics quite so much and don't target our weaknesses. In other words we stay in our comfort zone.

This is normal but if you really want to get better at soccer then it is important to be disciplined and work on areas of your game which are weak. And ball control does let a lot of potentially great players down.

So what's the best way to improve ball control?

It is actually very simple. There are literally thousands of different ways you can practice to get better at soccer. And there are hundreds of simple soccer drills available that you can use to improve ball control. Individual soccer drills are an effective way for you to work on your general fitness, improve ball control and improve anticipation.

Here are three really easy, simple soccer drills for you to follow so you can start and get better at soccer straight away.

How To Get Better At Soccer - Drill Number 1

Equipment Needed - You and a ball, marker discs (bags, sweatshirts etc are acceptable markers) Aims - To improve ball control, agility and fitness

This easy drill is ideal to build up your close control and dribbling ability as well as improve your fitness and speed.

  1. Mark out two points with your marker discs about 10 meters apart (33 feet.)
  2. Starting at one of the marker discs, dribble with the ball towards the other marker disc as quickly as you can manage without losing control of the ball.
  3. Always alternate your touches from right foot to left to right
  4. When you reach the second marker disc, stop the ball.
  5. Sprint back to the first marker disc and back to the ball
  6. Repeat five times.

How To Get Better At Soccer - Drill Number 2

Equipment Needed - You, a ball and a wall Aims - To improve ball control, heading control and coordination

This is one of my favourite drills. I think it's because heading is a part of soccer that is often overlooked and if you're good at it then people really notice. Plus it's a whole lot of fun!

If you really want to get better at soccer you need an all round game and this drill is perfect for that. If you can master close control of a soccer ball with your head you'll be one step ahead of your team mates.

  1. Stand in front of the wall, facing it from no more than two meters away.
  2. Throw the ball against the wall so it will come back at around head height
  3. Head the ball back against the wall
  4. See if you can do this 5 times without the ball hitting the floor
  5. If you achieve 5 then aim for 7 or 10
  6. Another way to improve ball control is to head the ball harder each time (so you have less time to react when it comes back at you)
  7. Keep trying to beat your record

How To Get Better At Soccer - Drill Number 3

Equipment Needed - You and a ball Aims - To improve ball control

This is one of those nice short simple soccer drills that is so obvious it makes you wish you'd try it every time you have ever been near a soccer ball! If you practice this regularly it can improve ball control as well as anything else you'll try. The reason is, it uses different parts of your body to control the football. It also makes you control the ball in many different ways as the ball comes back to you at different angles and heights.

  1. Stand facing the ball
  2. With your studs, roll the ball back towards you and flick it up into the air
  3. Keep the ball off the ground for as many touches as possible.
  4. Count every touch you make with your feet, thighs, chest and head
  5. When the ball hits the floor, start again
  6. Do this for 20 minutes a day and you'll soon see the improvement in your ball control.

So there you go, three quick and simple soccer drills which will help improve ball control and assist you as you get better at soccer! Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to raising the standard of your play, there are lots of other drills available elsewhere. However it must be noted that to improve ball control and ultimately get better at soccer it is vital that your work hard and put in consistent effort both with your team and individually.

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