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How To Warm Up For Soccer Matches
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So many of us find going through a warm up for soccer matches a chore. And if you're anything like me you'll be keen to skip a warm up altogether so you can get on with playing!

However, it is crucial, to always go through some warm up drills for soccer. Your coach doesn't tell you to warm up just for the sake of it. It is absolutely vital that every player warms up properly.

So why do we need to warm up for soccer?

  1. It increases body temperature meaning you're less likely to injure a muscle.
  2. It increases heart rate which is good as it pumps more oxygen around your body.
  3. Gets muscles working freely which reduces the likelihood of injury

Here is one of several really good warm up drills for soccer that I like to use.

Start with a gentle jog - This will slowly build your heart rate up and begin to warm your muscles too.

After a few minutes (as you keep jogging) lift your knees up and out 90 degrees. This will loosen your groin.

Once you have done 5 each side, reverse the way you do them. Your knee should begin at the 90 degree angle and come into your body. Again do 5 for each leg.

The next warm up is very simple. As you jog simply lift your foot up to your hands and tap your foot. Do this 5 times for each foot. This move is great for loosening the calf muscles.

Hamstring pulls are one of the most common football injury. This is because when you accelerate at full speed your hamstrings have a lot of pressure exerted onto them. Your hamstring also tenses up when you strike a ball.

Therefore one of the best warm up drills for soccer players is this:

As you keep jogging pull your knee up to your chest and then kick out in front of you by extending your leg so it is straight. Do 5 repetitions for each leg or two or three extra if you have very tight hamstrings.

The final part of the active warm up for soccer players, before moving onto the static warm up drills, is to side step (or skip) from side to side. Do 3 reps one way then 3 the other way. This is ideal for loosing up all your legs muscles even further after the initial warm up drills.

I'm sure you'll agree that program is very simple and quick. However you haven't finished yet!

It is key when you do these warm up drills for soccer matches that you then add in some of the traditional 'static' stretches.

To properly warm up for soccer your routine needs to include active stretches, static stretches followed by your traditional kick about!

I always ensure that my warm up drills for soccer are consistent every time I play. I had an injury a couple of years ago when I pulled my hamstring. The reason was simple. I hadn't gone through any warm up drills for soccer! I soon learnt after that, that to warm up for soccer matches is as important as practicing passing, shooting or crossing.

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