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What Soccer Gear Do I Need To Play?
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There are several sports that require so much gear that they are out of reach for certain people. There are players who would have been perfect as a middle linebacker but could not afford the football gear. There are players who could have had the wicked, one timer of a young, Brett Hull, however, they could not afford the hockey skates and other gear. The advantage to soccer is the sheer simplicity of the game. Ask yourself: what soccer gear do I need to play and you might be shocked by the answer. You need surprisingly little.

What Soccer Gear do I Need to Play: Outdoors

No matter what age group is playing the game or at what level, the basic requirements do not change all that much. First you need the right field to play in with the right dimensions. If you are playing an organized soccer game, you will likely have the markings already in place; in a more relaxed game though, you may have to fudge the markings for the boundaries a little bit. The field will need to have goals at either end as well.

What Soccer Gear do I Need to Play: For My Body

In baseball, football and hockey there are a number of layers that get put on before the player heads out for the field of play. For soccer, there is far less actual gear that gets put on the body. Soccer gear includes a jersey, also known as a jumper, a pair of shorts and a pair of shin guards that fit under the long socks.

What Soccer Gear Do I need to Play: Shoes

You know that you need skates to play hockey and gym shoes to play basketball, but what shoes do you need for soccer? There are specific shoes for soccer, both with and without cleats- some fields prohibit the use of soccer cleats not only because they can be more dangerous but because they can also cause damage to the field itself.

What Soccer Gear Do I Need to Play: Different Positions

If you are heading out on the field in the goalkeeper’s position, you will be wearing a different color jersey than the other members of the team so that it is easier for the officials to see who is who. The goalie can move and act in different ways than the other players so it important that their identity be established or your team may be unduly penalized.

In addition to playing, you might also be the coach or the official and will need a different color or type of uniform for that as well.

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