Tactics Manager Software Review – Yes Or No?
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Tactics Manager Software Review – Yes Or No?

There's a reason to Tactics Manager Software be the first software to be reviewed in FootballCoachingSoftwares. Besides all the new features on the new version (2.3) , accessibility and functionality are quality synonyms present in this powerful software.

Before I start talking about Tactics Manager Software and give you some insights of this software, I would like to share with you some personal experiences.

When I started creating and planing soccer drills at the age of 14 (I was a player at the same time), I realized that there wasn't any program fully adapted to soccer training methodology. Or if there was, I couldn't find it.

As a matter of fact, I even had question my coach if he knew some program/software that could help me design my own soccer drill or at least make a detailed description about the methodology behind a "simple" football exercise.

I will never forget his answer:

"Why Do You Need A Football Software If You Have A Brain". *Upset Mode*

As the same time that I'm writing, unconsciousness my brain is doing an auto-analysis about the different ideologies that this simple answer lead me until this day.

Let me be clear to you:

First, I was only 14! Isn't it curious when an adult listen to a "child" ask for something that we never thought about? For him, it seems like it wasn't. For me, it is! Moreover, he taught me that when a similar episode happens to me, if it happens, my emotional/ethical approach will never be the same as his!

Second, the negative intuition that he applies on his answer, made me think if I was right or wrong. Nowadays, I can visualize that he felt resentful with my question, probably because he assumed that I was questioning his training methods. But no, it was the opposite! My honest feeling was to understand if there were tools to assist me in the creation and the design of my own tactics, practices and plan sessions.

Third, and the most important for me, it made me research how I could achieve my objective by myself. And yes, I could arrange a way to do it. How? I used paint to design a standard football field and then I was adding the players, nets and other stuff as I needed. Of course, that this method nowadays is an archaic way to study or even demonstrate to anyone, but for me and my limited knowledge at that time it worked.

After some months designing and planing my own football exercise drills with the method that I described above, one friend of mine told me that he had find a new soccer software that has been helping him daily constructing his training sessions.

The First Time That I've Heard About Tactics Manager Software...

I assume that you already could feel the power that I felt when I saw the best tactic soccer manager software available on the market for the first time.

And why is it the best soccer software available?

Besides it has been the pioneer on soccer football software niche, Tactic Manager Software offers unique features that could easily develop your coach skills. Moreover, the team responsible to create this software, is on the market since 2001 and the testimonials on their site talk by themselves.

To put this in perspective, you must look to Tactics Manager Software like an imagin friend that will do the "chinese work" for you.

Tactics Manager Software Features

The main objective of Tactics Manager Software authors is to exponential improve the creation process of training sessions for football coaches and staff.

Let's take a closer look on its technical features:

  • 24 alternatives pitches fully customisable (2D and 3D) as weel of equipments (balls, goals, speed rings and more) and player's (rotation, kit colours, add names, etc);
  • 12 different types of line tools (solid, dashed, straight, etc...);
  • New text tool that allows you to write directly on the pitch;
  • Efficient copy and paste and multi-group objects tools;
  • Folder management more easier to work with;
  • Send back and bring to front options;
  • New Sessions Planner Tools with 1 to 4 practises per page;
  • Possibility to introduce training notes as well as team formations and match notes.

In this way, you can organize and share your own methods with your athletes and other coaches in a quick, simple, and professional way. You'll notice the improvement in your athletes skills too, as they can better understanding your training sessions.

Also, some schools have bought this software to teach their students about exercise methodology on a large screen.

As you can see, this software won't be only developing your skills as a coach but will have a power effect too in all your athletes and staff. Or even in your students if you're a football teacher!

Version 2.3 New Features (Updated every time a new version is available)

The new version of Tactics Manager Software has a panoply of new add-ons. For me, the most important ones are the sharing features.

In version 2.3 of Tactics Manager Software you can:

  • Upload your training projects online;
  • Share your methods in a simple way;
  • Download other projects from other coaches.

Besides this new features, the new version of this software has the power to simply save your training schedules and practises in PDF or JPEG.

So, for your easy understanding I've done a tutorial guide (with some screenshots) that you can follow. In this way, you'll have the bigger picture of this particular software.

You have multiple options to create and design your own soccer drills, training sessions, realize match notes or even change from a 2D to a 3D plan view.

Moreover, the new version of Tactics Manager Software brings a new drag & drop plugin that will save you a lot of time!

Tactics Manager Software: PROS vs CONS

If we break down Tactics Manager Software we'll see the true potential of this unique software.


  • Only a one-time only purchase (82.78€) and no subscription fee - BUY HERE;
  • Possibility to work offline without internet connection;
  • Easy and quick installation process;
  • Supports multi-language (English, Spanish, German, Greek and Dutch);
  • Great variety of tools which permit create and design training drills exercises, attacking and defending processes and other game moments in small steps;
  • Integration of 3D pitches;
  • Excellent customer support (via email, chat and telephone);
  • FREE improvements and updates for life;
  • Easy to share with anyone you want.


  • Sometimes is a little bit slow but clearly it has been one of the main focus of authors since that version 2.3 is faster than the older versions;
  • Purchase of the software only includes a 1 PC/MAC license but if you want an additional license, there are multiple discounts available;
  • Implement more standardized tactics than the 4 available ones;
  • Should have the possibility to introduce goalies;
  • Currently there's no working version for iOS and Android.

My Final Opinion About Tactics Manager Software

As I said before, I consider this software the most powerful for creation and design processes behind training sessions. Moreover, I think the entire program is well design and very intuitive for new users.

When I think in football resources, the name of Tactics Manager Software is the first thought that achieve my mind, and that's for a reason don't you think?

If you are researching for a professional and intuitive software that could really assist you as a coach, I would recommend it for sure! The exercise drills that you'll encounter in it will be very helpfull and usefull.

You can try Tactics Manager Software free for 5 days if you want, you only have to download the Trial Version.

Have you experienced Tactics Manager Software yet? Do you have any opinions or thoughts about Tactics Manager Software? Are you thinking in buying this software but you still have some doubts? If yes, feel free to leave any comment or opinion below as I would like to hear your personal experience and thoughts.

This is my #1 Ranked Football Coaching Software

Antonio Alfaro

Founder of Football Coaching Softwares

Street Talk

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