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Warm Up Drills For Soccer
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Whenever we do physical activity of any kind it's a really good idea to warm up before undertaking that activity properly.

One of the biggest causes of injures for soccer players is a failure to do some simple warm up drills for soccer properly.

This means that if players did a thorough warm up for soccer then a lot of the most common types of injuries could be avoided.

The most common type of soccer injuries:

  1. Hamstring Pull
  2. Calf Strain
  3. Sprained Ankle
  4. Thigh Strain
  5. Knee Cartilage Tear

I think that makes for interesting reading. As you can see three out of the top five soccer injuries are pulled or strained muscles. In most cases these types of injuries are easily avoidable. All a player needs to do is create a simple, 15 to 20 minute routine of stretches and warm up drills before kick off.

We all know we should do it but a lot of us decide that we would rather start kicking a ball around rather than do "boring" warm up drills for soccer.

There may be another more understandable reason though.

Do all of us really know the best warm up drills for soccer? Are we all educated in how to warm up each individual muscle?

I really don't think we are.

A warm up for soccer needs to be quite thorough and should involve both warm up drills and stretching. However the importance of stretching is the key to avoiding such injuries as the ones listed above.

To get through a 60 minute match or even a full 90 minute match where you are running around and covering a lot of ground, your muscles need to be warm from the first whistle.

Advantages of a good warm up for soccer players:

  • Oxygen is pumped around your body more easily
  • The likelihood of injury is reduced
  • Your muscles will recover faster after the match.

Here is a list of muscles that need to be part of your warm up drills for soccer.

  • Thigh muscles
  • Calf muscles
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin
  • Upper Arms and Shoulder muscles
  • Neck muscles

Following an injury where I severely pulled my hamstring a few years ago, I created my own custom warm up for soccer. Mainly because I realised that I didn't want to miss six weeks of playing again! However I also didn't want to go through unnecessary pain simply because I had not gone through some short warm up drills for soccer beforehand.

A proper warm up for soccer players is a must and there are easy ways to set up and create your own custom warm up drills for soccer (and other sports too.) Don't become one of the people who says "If only I had done a warm up for soccer" - get proactive and get your warm up drills created!

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