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Do Photographers Need Twitter?
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Do Photographers Need Twitter?

In the age of digital, photographers spend a lot of time at their computer already. There is email, calendars and of course, Photoshop. So do we really need another thing to keep us chained to the computer? It depends on your business.


Even if you don't have an account, chances are you at least know what Twitter is- basically a micro-blogging platform. Its kind of like having a blog but your posts can only be 140 characters long. This is awesome if you are someone who struggles to fill the page anyways. Not so good if you are the wordy, chatty type.

Twitter kind of has a bad rap these days. I used to think it was a bunch of people saying things like, "Standing in line at the grocery store" or "clipping my nails today." Sure - there is SOME of that, but there are also tons and tons of really interesting people out there too. The trick is to find the ones that interest you.

The Pros

By far, the biggest benefit to Twitter is the interaction. It allows you to communicate with your potential clients and give them some insight into your personality. People tend to do business with people they like, so this is your chance to let your sparkling personality shine through.

An added benefit is sharing information. As you develop a network of Twitter friends in your industry, you will find they are quite handy at helping with everything from lens recommendations to Photoshop questions.

Like anything, it takes time to cultivate and grow a good community of followers, but that is part of the fun of Twitter.

The Cons

The biggest downside, of course, is time. It is one more thing you have to do in front of the computer. Of course, you can also do a lot on your phone and take advantage of those times you are just sitting around - like waiting for your kids to get out of school or waiting in the doctor's office. Passing time with Twitter can really help speed those along!


The key is to develop a good strategy on using Twitter and any other social media. By using social media tools to keep yourself organized, you can update Twitter in the same amount of time it takes you to check in on Facebook. It doesn't HAVE to be a big time commitment. The way I see it, if a small time investment can bring you in a few extra clients- don't you think it is worth it? You won't know if you never try.

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