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Social Media As Social Marketing Being Boldly Yourself – 7 Change Factors You May Not Realize
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Social Media As Social Marketing Being Boldly Yourself – 7 Change Factors You May Not Realize

Social media change factors you may not realize include whether you intend a particular communication to be marketing or not! Social media as social marketing is a puzzle. You're seeing the whole world put in a blender!

The Good News

In social marketing being boldly yourself now has the power to change the face of your world as you know it.

Why? I'll tell you why!

7 Change Factors You May Not Realize

1. Powerful

Many times in your life, you’ve changed, and in ways that mean you’ve started over again, haven’t you? T

he actions you take during your time of change determines your own path in life. The path you choose impacts who you are, and who you choose to become.

When you share your change with others, you get their feedback. That feedback may itself change your actions.

So feedback from others at a point of change can dramatically influence who you choose to become. Change is powerful with social media.

2. Globally Level Playing Field

Social media’s fairly new. We’re all starting now, together.

Globally. Literally: the whole world!

Learning what social media changes is going to take time – but that change is happening and it’s happening right now. Everyone sharing the same change is itself a change that’s hard to digest.

Youdon’t know what the impact is yet but you’re getting it anyway.

3. Instant

In many communities around the world, the factor of instant communication, in and of itself, is causing a ripple effect.

There’s an enormous impact when you first experience an awareness that, “You are not alone!”

4. Private vs. Public

When you communicate with one person, you’re used to that being private, right? No longer.

Oh, you’ll get the look and feel of communicating back and forth with one person.

Yet unlike actual private conversations, the way you act in social media is public. That’s huge!

5. Visible

Whatever you do, on, say, Twitter, for example, becomes publicly visible. That’s as true when using Tweeter to tweet something you intend for the world, as it is when replying to a question from one person.

That’s kind of what changes social media into social marketing. The change between public and private makes your message become public conversation as well as social marketing.

Social marketing of you and your message is visible whether your intent was marketing or not!

6. Look and Feel

Yet the feeling of private when replying back and forth as in a private conversation… and publicly seeing that which has a private look and feel… gives rise to a totally different type of communication.

We’re talking real change with real impact.

Change on a global scale. Private turning to public… globally.

The look and feel of private conversation with the world able to peek in at any time!

7. Culture

That’s huge: such change simply does not happen across cultures.

Or? It hasn’t before anyway.

We are one world. Wow, that means something different today when we all face such a change at the same point in time, doesn’t it?

Change, shared, generates feedback that might never be offered otherwise. If you dare to, in your social marketing being boldly yourself? You can get valuable feedback, potentially from all parts of the world.

Valuable feedback that can help you grow in powerful ways. That type of change, shared, has the potential to draw those passing through that change together closer to one another.

Social marketing being boldly yourself has the power to change the face of your world as you know it. In fact, social media - social marketing being boldly yourself - has the potential to help the world experience global change together and draw closer to one another. A true global village!

Street Talk

I, for one, am loving the good side of the social media growth.

  about 1 decade ago

Shawn, Thanks for sharing that! Appreciate your comment. The good side of social media growth matters! blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

The Internet has made the world so much smaller (here I'm in communication with you thousands of miles away almost one on one except I'm awake and your asleep) and yet world peace seems so far away, John. I like the article as well as the possibilities that the article suggests. Cynthia you are so wise in matters of the above article, wish I was closer to pick your brain.

  about 1 decade ago

Rob, Thanks, Rob! It's true, the Internet sure does make the world smaller. blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

I like it, I like it. The thought entered my mind that global peace might be achieved in some part by social media.

  about 1 decade ago

John, That's a wonderful thought. Global peace. Education is part of what's needed. Global education across cultures is achievable through social media. Thanks! blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago
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