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Social Media Is Social Marketing – 7 Steps To Economic Growth
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Social Media is Social Marketing – 7 Steps To Economic Growth

Social media is social marketing. And that’s whether your intent is marketing or not!

Social media is creating massive global change. Social media is even a platform that gives feedback you can use to measure, track and change whatever you want. Including economic growth!

7 Steps To Economic Growth

1. Change is something you do from your conception right through to your death. Look from a physical point of view: your body replaces most of your cells. Your eye’s lens forms when you are an embryo: those cells as well as parts of your brain and heart muscles remain all your life. All around these cells, your other cells change and are replaced. That’s exactly what’s happening in social media. Like your eyes, brain and heart remain, your skills that are useful in the new social media remain. Like all your other cells, you change your communication skills in social media. All around you and your skills, other people’s skills change.

Use people's skills!

2. Social media changes what were your private one-on-one interactions into public conversations. Look from a customer service point of view: you may have connected privately before for customer service. You know, as conversations between you and one other person. But using social media platforms for customer service makes this a public conversation. Like the many cells in your body change and are replaced, many of your private communications change and get replaced by public conversations. Because customer service issues being visible changes, well, something, somehow, don’t you think? I mean, when how you are treated stops being private and becomes publicly knowable, there’s an impact. When something like that happens globally, there’s a tremendous impact. That level of impact and change can happen and be measured. Kind of like what’s been happening with awareness of abuse. It’s been privately known by victims and perpetrators all along. Now with public awareness, power moves from perpetrator to victims and to those who are appalled enough to act. Power to change comes with visibility and a willingness to act.

Use these public conversations!

3. Social media creates a platform of visibility. Look at your body, say, your eyes, brain, or heart. If that’s being operated upon, live, on a global television channel, the surgeon’s behavior is visible. It change the impact of the surgery, becoming a teaching tool, for one example. In the same way, how you behave on social media becomes social marketing partly simply because it is public. Being public, your behavior can attract both feedback and positive financial attention… as an individual, as an organization… even as a nation. Economic growth that results can be measured through social media.

Use this visibility!

4. Social media implies public communication. Like your body having surgery on live global television, your every “move” can be seen by anyone in the world. Your conversations are retransmit-able by others, “virally” and in an active way. Social media became social marketing simply by the public connection and public interaction. And I mean social marketing of who you are, yes, but also of whatever your message may be seen to be a part of. That reach has economic impact and awareness that’s global. That world level of awareness can change your economic growth path in unimaginable ways. This is particularly true if you combine your economic path with others in your community globally. Banding together through social marketing gives strength to every person that joins in.

Shine light in the public communication space!

5. Change may be positive and negative. You may choose change as well as have changed forced upon you. All of these types of change provide stress …and excitement. Distribution channels can be disrupted in stress. Or? Those same distribution channels can grow in excitement. Excitement can lead to participation and grow to include more effective buyer seller relationships. Relationships can lead to insights with economic growth coming from reducing wasted material, effort and even a shorter time to market for a better choice of products.

Focus on the positive!

6. Feedback during times of change helps you measure, choose, correct and direct your path and the growth you choose to accept through change. From a travel point of view, the literal path taken by a vehicle going to the moon is off most of the time. Feedback of, “how much?” and, “in what direction?” allows you to direct change toward your chosen path. Global feedback for social marketing enables more effective choices and measurable economic growth.

Use feedback!

7. Many ways in your life, you start all over again, don’t you? That’s part of the stress -- and the excitement -- of change. Our global economy’s got some stuff that’s gotta start all over again. Social marketing is huge enough to kick up the feedback needed to restart our global economic health. Change can be overwhelming sometimes, can’t it? Starting one aspect of your life over again leads to other change. From the physical point of view, when you lose weight, your clothes simply do not fit anymore. Now that social media as a platform makes social marketing a reality, our global economic downturn need not fit our world anymore either.

Help people start over again!

Social media is social marketing – take these 7 steps to economic growth! Like opening a box of chocolates, you'll get a delightful change.

Street Talk

I have just commented on your last article how wise you are in these matters and how it would be nice to have a closer proximity to pick your brain. However you follow with an article that has cleared a few of the confused thoughts I had after reading the last article, thank you. Now I see I have a few articles to go, looks like you were busy this weekend and I look forward to now reading the next article.

  about 9 years ago

Rob, Thank you! Yes, I am pouring forth. Glad I helped -- and cleared some things up for you. blessings, Cynthia

  about 9 years ago

Keep pouring!

  about 9 years ago
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