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Social Media Marketing - Fad Or Complete Revolution?
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Social Media Marketing:  Is it just a passing fad or a complete revolution in the way people interact with each other, businesses, and the greater outside world?

While it would be tempting and easier for you to conclude that Social Networking is just a “fad” propagated by the youth with more free time on their hands than previous generations, the facts seem to contradict this assertion…

Consider the following facts:

• Facebook Users Now Number Above 800 Million • Twitter Has More than 200 Million Users and LinkedIn is Above 100 Million Users • Nearly 40% of ALL Online Activity is Some form of Social Networking • 1,000’s of Social Networking Sites and Services Added in Past 6 Months Alone

Bottom Line:  Social Networking is NOT a fad or marketing trend that will go away on its own.  In fact, the Social Networking phenomenon will only grow and intensify in the coming months!

In a nutshell:  Social Networking IS the New Internet!

Can you even remember back to when there wasn’t an Internet—to a time when you literally had to use the Yellow Page to find businesses or people? 

Eventually and as we all know:  The Yellow Pages may still be around but they were effectively replaced in large degree by the Internet when it comes to finding people and businesses.  On top of the Yellow Pages, other traditional industries upended by the meteoric rise of the Internet include:

• The Entire Music/Movie Industries • Any Form of Print Media Including Newspapers, Magazines, and now Books • U.S. Postal Service (via email) • Print Photography

But now, there is an even greater threat looming for millions of businesses, sales professionals, and small business owners:  Social Networking.

With people spending more than 1/3 of their online time engaged in some form of social networking activity (more than 36%, in fact!) and more than 700 million active Facebook users alone—Social Networking is here to stay.

In Fact, Any Business or Sales Professional That Doesn’t Embrace the New Social Networking Model is at a Growing Competitive Disadvantage—Period.

Social Networking isn’t fading or going away—it’s intensifying by the day!  The time for “sitting on the fence” is over because if you or your business aren’t “in the Social Networking game” in the coming year—it will be too late and you’ll never catch up!

But there’s still time to catch up and “get into the Social Networking game” by customizing your Facebook or Twitter Business page.

The era of social media marketing is here - make sure your business does not get left behind!

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