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The QR Marketing Strategy That Guarantees Return Traffic
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The QR Marketing Strategy That Guarantees Return Traffic

The main benefit of using QR codes is to draw users to your website or some other point of engagement. The question is – how can you keep them coming back? Unless they have regular access to your code, they may not remember the site. After all, most visitors notice the content over the address. The solution is simple. Bookmarking is the perfect way to put your site on a visitor's to-do list for present and future trips.

Many potential customers do not have time to fully digest the information from your site during the initial scan. Unless they are able to store the site to view later, they may simply move on to something else. Bookmarking allows them to see your site now and get back to it easily without any need to rescan.

For instance, a customer may be interested in more information a product, but is in too big of a hurry to really read anything at the moment. A QR code utilizing a bookmarking strategy lets the customer scan the code and view the information at their convenience. Customers who bookmark information are more likely to buy the product later.

It doesn't matter where your QR code leads. It can be a short informational blurb, a video, contact information or any page on your website. The purpose is to simply store the QR code link data for later use.

Bookmarked sites not only get the single visit, but more often receive numerous return visits. People bookmark sites they like. A QR code lets them have the equivalent on their smartphones quickly and easily. Show customers your site is something they'll like and want to visit again. Cater to their busy schedules and they'll gladly visit and revisit.

If you want your information to not only reach, but stick with people, make your QR code more effective by using it to create bookmarks. The more someone revisits your site, the more they will relate to and recognize your business and brand.

So remember, the most important thing with any QR marketing strategy is to effectively understand and plan your campaign. To be able to plan an effective campaign, you need to ensure that you understand everything about QR codes, your target customer, and what sort of engagement you want to get out of your campaign.

Once you have all of your ducks in a row, use a QR code generator that gives you advanced analytics to measure and further enhance your campaigns.

Happy Marketing!

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