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Viral Video Advertising Is The New Face Of Online Advertising
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Viral Video Advertising Is The New Face Of Online Advertising

The Power Of Social Media For Ordinary People

Common people are fast noticing the huge potential of how to make money from online advertising. The news and even public perception are quickly changing the landscape. Primarily because of the concrete evidences they can see on its effects to many people's lives. A simple activity of sharing videos made a certain content from virtually unknown status to a household name in the shortest time possible. Good and bad effects of a youtube video are immediately felt by a certain individual being subject of some video gone viral.

I see people who are virtually unknown the other day then became instant media superstars just because of a hit social media upload. Dramatic and life changing indeed, and how about bringing this power to your potential income? This is too big opportunity just to pass up. It leverages the power of internet, which as we may have all witnessed as not only astonishing but certainly mind boggling.

How about having this capability to ordinary people just like us and make huge money by sharing this popular video content? We can select youtube video who are already gaining momentum to go viral and make profit from it. This system will benefit everyone, even the original content owner. Spreading his/her content on the internet using our individual social media site accounts can really fan the fire that has already been started by the original upload.

The Staged

The Staged provided this platform where you just can grab videos from You Tube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc. Set this up by a provided well designed platform from The Staged, as a sharer you have the capability to integrate this with your chosen ads or ads from The Staged itself. A great money making system considering the powerful viral nature of video sharing in social media sites. People just love sharing interesting videos!

Inside The Staged membership area you have the option to automate all the process. Not that it is hard to share videos, it is actually fun sharing videos on social networking sites. But the point here is to make serious money using this system. When you enter the member's area you can also avail the Stagebot services. For a fixed monthly fee Stagebot will scour the internet for the hottest video around then share it using your social media site accounts. Create up to 300 fully optimized Stages with your ads on it without lifting a finger.The system will pay for itself as people will join under you giving you residual monthly income. I have step by step guide that discusses this system exactly giving you automated serious monthly income. A guaranteed income since this is already a tested and proven strategy.

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