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Where Should You Position Social Media Buttons
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Where Should You Position Social Media Buttons

Many times I'm asked where on a company or personal website should social media “share, like, and/or tweet” buttons be located or positioned for best results.

The simple answer is… “on any pages that contain content you would like your visitors to share with their social media network contacts”.

However, that answer usually doesn't go too far or not enough. So, in order to answer it correctly let’s take a step back.

There are two types of social buttons…

  1. Those that allow visitors to join your social channels (follow us, fan pages, etc.)
  2. Those that allow visitors to share or tweet your content with their social circles on their channels

Now that we're on the same page on the social button types, the next section will start following in place and will have you reconsider placing buttons on all your website's pages by default.

That being said, you'll now probably agree that #1 makes more sense on your homepage or throughout your site in the footer. If you still don't agree, "when was the last time you shared a websites homepage"?

Basically social share buttons (#1 above) probably make more sense being positioned in a not so dominate place on your website (i.e. footer, thank you pages, email signatures, etc.)

Now let's look at the social buttons (type #2). And if you remember the simple answer, “on any pages that contain content you would like your visitors to share with their social media network contacts” these types of buttons should appear only on those pages that make sense to share.

These could include...

  • white papers or case study pages
  • webinar sign-up pages
  • career or job opportunity pages
  • press releases
  • videos or slide shows
  • blog articles
  • etc...

Therefore, instead of taking the common approach of automatically posting social share buttons on every page of your website... step back and ask yourself if you would share this content with your "trusted" social network. Is the content on the page or the offer valuable enough to the visitor (emotionally, financially, intellectually, etc.) that they feel others in their network would also benefit from your information.

Bottom line... it is sometimes better to not include the option of "share" or "tweet" than just to have one there for the sake of having one there. Believe me your first of all be disappointed because no one is sharing your content and secondly, as search engines start measuring your website's ranking position based on visitor's social engagement these pages you might just be unintentionally giving them something to use against you?

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