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Bypass Firewall Restrictions With A Facebook Proxy That Works Great
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So you're bored at work, or don't want to pay attention in class.  You want to check up on what's going on with your Facebook friends.  Facebook is blocked with the network firewall, but you know this, and you go to your favorite proxy site to unblock Facebook.  You open up the proxy page, type in the Facebook URL, and wait.

And Wait And Wait

Until things start moving, and the connection times out.

Does this sound familiar?

That's because a lot of these so-called Facebook proxies don't work. They're free, they're slow, they're unreliable.  So how do you find a Facebook proxy that works well?

I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but you've got to pay for it. It's as simple as that.

The truth is that free stuff is usually pretty bad.  Not all the time, but if it's free, you've got to think to yourself, "Why?".  Is it because out of the goodness of their heart some computer nerd set up a proxy service to help out all those poor people bored at work and school who just want to play around on Facebook? I doubt it. Maybe they're getting advertising money, maybe they're tracking your data. Maybe they're just starting out and want to get a solid user base before starting to charge.  Either way, there's probably a good reason its free.

And you can bet that any free Facebook proxy that works is going be flooded with traffic. With all those users from all around the world signed in at one time, it's going to mean bandwidth overload, and slow connections. If the proxy is popular and wants to prevent this, they'll probably limit your time, times of use, or bandwidth for each time. Either way, it's going to be a paid.


Well, you wanted to find a Facebook proxy that works, right?

As an Internet user in China, I've got to deal with one of the toughest firewalls in the world - The Great Firewall of China.  I've used quite a few proxy services over the years, and the best ones are always something that has a sleek looking websites, customer support, and guarantees.  If you find that the website that advertises a "great proxy for Facebook" is just a flat, single page,badly designed site with the word "Enter Your URL Here", it's a good sign you're wasting your time.  This kind of site is good for one time use only, if that. The Facebook proxies that work the best to bypass firewall restrictions are going to obvious at a first glance.

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