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How To Use Google Plus Hangout
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So what does is Google+ and what types of benefits can it deliver to users? Let me ask you what does google+ do that facebook has not yet embraced? Is google+ better than facebook in some respects and what features does it provide which are valuable? Does google+ provide better navigation than facebook? When it comes to segregating your networks of friends by interests, demographics, nationality into Google+ circles, do you have better privacy and security?

Ten reasons why Google+ is better than Facebook based on this author's experience and insights in using both can be listed. All of these are compelling reasons to use Google+ and realise the deliverable benefits of this social network. It is true that Google Buzz may have failed but Google+ has already hit 135 million users within 2 years which is half the time it took Facebook. However, Google+ is forecast to hit 500 million users within 4 years of its inception.

Since beneficial evidence gained from this author's experiences is compelling to this author's audience, I shall begin with the primary benefits which may help you achieve your goals. Circles is not an original concept but still fills the gap to organise your friends into separate networks based on interests, demographics, location, residence, income, occupation. In fact, you can start to create numerous community circles where you post, exchange comments, be follower or followee. However you have the control to organize your circles and privacy settings.

Google+ and Google Hangouts work in very different ways to Facebook. To start with, Google+ uses circles where choose your friend based on shared interests. In fact, you can segment your social networks of frinds into many different circles. By creating your profile and building your circles by sharing your posts publicly, you create community following. Circles control who sees what you share which allows you to easily organize your followers, people you follow, friends, family, peers.

Starting your own hangout on Google+ is one of the main benefits as is the ability to video chat for free to nine friends at the same time. There will be one person online in the main content window and eight more below aligned in one row. By hanging out with friends on video chat, you have group chat on screenshare. What you now have is a live audience. You can discuss music, movies, books, applications from your new friends. You can receive news from authors, send articles to friends to share.

By clicking the create hangout button, you can create as many hangouts as you need. If you use scheduled hangouts on air, you can time when you all interact together such as watching yourselves on youtube videos available while viewing and chatting to nine friends at the same time. These can be publicly broadcast. Shared interest public communities can quickly develop this way. Each shared interest community can be saved as new circle you create to work together. In fact, you can even have an entire circle devoted only to video-conferencing.

There is also the concept of extended circles to understand when using Google+. Maps, geolocation et al can be included in extended circles to show your favourite restuarant or coffee shop or cinema where you like to hang out with your new friends. In fact, many local businesses have realised the benefits of this approach as they market their brand. By showing your friends online where you are and where you like to visit, you are establishing yourself as your own brand.

Because circles are designed to be flexible and customized, they come with the inevitable range of plugins and applications just like on Facebook and Facebook Mobile. Social discovery, social engagement, sharing and saving moments between your circles of families and friends.

In fact, this is similar to checkin on Facebook where you notify your friends of exactly where you are and what you are doing at this moment in time. In fact, local reviews of shops and restuarants will spread fast throughout your checkin community circles. With cover photos permitted up to 960x540, you can create interesting and original posts. With GoogleTV soon to be unveiled, you can even have your own TV channel and YouTube channel as you all join together to create collaborative content.

However, there are much more effective ways to use google+ hangout than the average person is aware of as business have learned to leverage social networking traffic to develop effective content marketing strategies. As content has to be engaging, informative, original to have any value you become your own author. The concept of google expert authorship is important in google+ as you can quickly rise high in the Google Search Engine Results Pages. By clicking the +1 button you add fresh content to your blog and become indexed in the search results if you use * before and after keywords. As your coworkers post links to your website through their profiles, you share posts and build your community audience.

You can integrate google+ with facebook fan pages, twitter, pinterest, reddit, digg. Each google+ page has available meta descriptions where you can apply your keywords in your content to link you to landing pages. Like, comment, post, connect, share your content in your circles to gain your followers or become a followee. Google+ will of course add more and more features as it evolves during its upward growth curve. Facebook at last has a serious rival.

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