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Online Chats
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Online Chats

Have you ever noticed that people seem to be a little more willing to open up and chat online? "Chatty Cathy's" are exploding online and are sharing their hopes, their dreams, their troubles and turmoils, even their online marketing plans. And they are doing these in the chat rooms on the internet.

Total Strangers

They're chatting with people they don't know other than through a chat room on their favorite training site or forum. They're telling people that they have never actually met and likely never will meet about their families, their jobs...pretty much everything. Some folks even get a little put out if their comments don't get responded to.

Social networks

Social networks have become a prime example of online chatting that is in real time and full of acronyms and short cuts. It must drive our English teachers nuts sometimes to read how our language and prose are being slaughtered. On a bit of a side note, I am trying to offer alternatives: instead of "lol" (laugh out loud) how about "cub" (chuckle under breath). I think it's kind of catchy and should catch on. Feel free to try this one out the next time you are chatting online, you'll surprise and amaze your friends with your creative genius.


People are chatting on blogs and in the comment section of their favorite websites as well. Oftentimes this is so they can get links and back links and links to their back links as they attempt to build an online business. Usually good comments are left and published or the website owners would simply delete the spammers.


Is your avatar (picture) really you? We often trust that the pictures people put up are who they really are because we are often drawn into conversation by the way someone looks. But we do need to be careful because there are those that put up attractive or appealing photos in the hopes of drawing you in. Be truthful with this because we need to trust that you are who you say you are and the first impression...your the best impression.

Working From Home?

For many, having the ability to chat online while working from home is very important. It means that you’re not alone and that there are others out there who are doing what you’re doing but who also need a support group. It is difficult working in isolation so to be able to get online and chat as if you were having a cup of coffee together is extremely useful and lets us know that we are not alone in our “home office”.

So how chatty are you online? Are you detailing family skeletons or pretending to be something you're not? Or are you being you in chat rooms, sharing life and your views in an open and honest way? We all should be helpful and extend a hand when needed...even online. You never know when you can truly help someone on the other side of the globe.

Thanks for reading.

Street Talk

That's me chatting with you. Thanks Shawn

  about 7 years ago

Very nice job on this Rick, or.... is your name really Rick.......... and by the way is that really your picture........ hmmmm,? :P

  about 7 years ago
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