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Silver Surfers: Boomers Catch The Internet Wave
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Silver Surfers: Boomers Catch the Internet Wave

We grew up with the Beach Boys and went to the movies to see Beach Blanket Bingo so the ocean and surfing are in the blood. Now, the silver surfers are catching the internet wave. Baby Boomers are logged on, getting accounts, and even remembering dozens of passwords.

Surfing Sites

Liking the ability to search short-tailed, long-tailed, or any tail keyword, Boomers are flooding the search engines with queries and quotes, looking for the information that is relevant to them. Perhaps you’ll see one surfing onto your site soon if you have a website that is relevant to one of them.

Paddling Promos

Baby Boomers and seniors are sometimes seen as easy prey for online marketers and even scammers. We all hear the news stories and the thousands of dollars they’re forking over because they are a trusting group. But know this, too, whether because they've learned their lesson or they were just too smart to get suckered in the first place, Boomers know hype and glitz when they see it.

Clicking Carefully

Because of their innate smarts, Baby Boomers take their time before they enter their personal information and hit the submit button. They want to see information up front and not have to click through a myriad of landing pages to determine if they’re interested in the product being sold. See how quickly they will click away if they can't figure out within a couple of minutes what is being offered.

Talking, Too

Baby Boomers have also joined multiple social networks, forums, and chats. Once they find a group they are comfortable with and can hold a conversation, Boomers are jumping in and chatting online. For someone who may have spent their life in one job, one town, and never gotten out of the country, it is a joy to be able to talk to someone from anywhere around the globe.

Mobile Moguls

Having control over the sites they visit, the people they chat with, and the products they buy online are all great. But even greater still is the ability to do this “on the go”. Baby Boomers love having the latest gadget and toy that lets them log on, regardless of where they are. “Hot Spots” has taken on a whole new meaning to this techno-savvy generation.

Geek Goons

Baby Boomers also know where to turn when they are having trouble with the technical side of being on the internet. There are new job classifications and businesses popping up to provide the expertise and do the work that the Boomer does not/cannot do; although, it has been rumored that there are a few geek Boomers as well. After all, who do you think created transistor radios and televisions?

Evolving Entrepreneurs

Finally, Baby Boomers are surfing the net and cashing in on legitimate online opportunities to earn extra cash; whether it’s for their travel plans or to supplement their retirement income. Growing up in an era that learned to value but also spend money, Boomers are looking for that next opportunity that teaches them how to develop an online business and market products that they are fond of, usually as first-hand users.

So if you haven’t seen them yet, be careful because the next time you are surfing the web you might just see a Baby Boomer cresting the next wave.

Thanks for reading.

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