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Social Networking - How To Profit From It
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Social Networking - How to Profit From It

I am going to tell you what social networking is, and how to profit from it. Point blank. This will not be a long, strung out article just made to draw your attention. It will be short, to the point, informational, and is intended to help you further succeed online as an entrepreneur.

So what is Social Networking? Simple, it is the way the 21st century communicates today. It is like groupse of people, large and small, like a college or subdivision. Though that isnt what I am talking about. It is now groups of people online with similar interests. Kinda like your twitter followers or facebook fans. So social networking is a popular marketing method used online by getting into groups of people via socail gathering sites like myspace, twitter, youtube, facebook and many many more. Once in, you communicate with other members sharing your story, experience, opinion, and eventually your oppurtunity or product that you are selling. Or even just introduce them to your blog about what they are interested in.

The advantage of online? You get much easier access to people in places and interests than you would trying to do this in person. Lets say just go join twitter. Do a search for anything you want typing in #whateveryouwant. Now you get a large list of people with similar interests as you. Friend or follow them. Now you have created your first oppurtunity. And a great one at that because all their friends can see that you are having interesting convos with their friend. So they will join in and soon you have a very large following.

So how do you profit from this method? This is actually surprisingly simple as well. Let me give you an example.

I joined twitter with the interest of weight loss. I followed one of the search results and started conversing. I already have a blog site with all kinds of free information about how to lose weight and get ripped etc. etc. So now what did I do? I put adsense on my site. I post a few articles on my site promoting my affiliate products in the middle of the other posts.

Now remember, I have conversed with these people with just simply my opinion or support or experiences, so they trust me as a person. They dont see me as an affiliate marketer. Now after talking 2-3 times to these people, I introduce them to my website. Tell them to check it out for a few tips and what not. They go, they subscribe. I can now email them everytime I post new content. As well as I now have an email list to market to with affiliate links (more often than not though just info content to keep them from seeing me as a marketer.)

BAM! Profits! The idea of this story was to just inform you of one simple way to use social networking to your advantage. You need to keep in mind to always think outside the box though, come up with other ways to use social networking to your advantage. Affiliate Marketing has many different oppurutunities and this is just one, so I would hope that what you take from this article, you will expand upon, never depend on one method for succuess. This doesnt have to be hard. It will only prove to be as hard as you make it.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. I am looking forward to submitting many more articles with tips to affiliate marketing in the future.

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