Twitters's Fans Need To Know These Search Operators
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Twitters\'s Fans Need To Know These Search Operators

Twitter has hundreds of millions of users, each of users usually send and receive many tweets. Even, someone daily sends thousands of tweets to her friends, colleague, partners… these tweets will create a mountain of data and when users wants to search some information about what they did send or receive in the past, they will have to face an extremely challenge of finding out the exact information. However, there is always a solution for any problem if you try your best.

Basic operators

You can search some general information by typing it, example when you type twitter facebook, it will show you tweets which have words like twitter facebook, twitter or facebook.

When you want to search exactly something or someone, let you add symbol “…” when you type, example you just want to see the tweets have word my books, you must type “my books”, Twitter will give you all tweets which contain “my books”.

AND- this operator helps you query much information at the same time, example, you want to know which tweets have words my books and my brother’s books, you just need to command “my books” and “my brother’s books”, you will see the tweets have “my books” and “my brother’s books” in its contents.

OR – this command is against AND, it gives you the right to find out the tweets that just need to have one word which you are searching, example “my books” OR “my brother’s books”, there are just tweets have “my books” or “my brother’s books” are showed.

“-“ – when you want to exclude the results containing some words, someone or something, you should use symbol “-“ (minus) in your commands, example when you are trying to find marketing documents in your tweets but you do not need the results have some words like marketing online, digital marketing… you can use the command: marketing documents –“marketing online” –“digital marketing”.

Although these operators are basic, but when you put it together, it is really powerful, it will makes your searching results more precise. Example when you want to query the tweets that mention your older friends who had studied with you at university and has been your colleague, you can type: my older friends AND “university” AND “colleague”, it will show you all tweets about your older friends which have “university” and “colleague” in content, all tweets about older friends but have no “university” and “colleague” will be excluded.

Advanced Operators

From:person – this operator helps you query the tweets which you received from someone, example: when you want to check all tweets that a friend name Joan sent you, you can search by from:joan

To:person – it has opposite meaning compared to operator From, “To” command will show you all tweets you have sent someone, example to:mysister means you are searching the tweets you sent your sister.

#hashtag – this command means you can find out the tweets which you give it hashtag. Example command #working will returns the tweets have the hashtag “working”.

Near:place – when you use this operator, you can query all tweets that you sent at a place, example last month, you visited Washington DC and now you want to see all tweets you sent in Washington, you can type near:Washington

Within:length – it is an addition for near operator, it helps you can determine the tweets you sent within a radius from the place you want to search. Example near:Washington within:12mi means you want the tweets that you sent in Washington DC within a radius of 12 miles

Sine:time – you can use it to know which tweets you have sent since a specific time to present. Example, with structure since:2012, the Twitter Search Engine will display tweets you have sent since 2012.

Until:time – sometimes you just want to query the tweets you sent in a specific period, you do not want the results expanding from a time in the past to present, Since operator cannot do it, but there is no problem with Until operator. Example you can query since:2011 until:2012, it will return the tweets you had sent since 2011 to 2012, if you just query until:2012, Twitter will return the results from beginning to 2012.

Filter:links – when you or your friend sent something and added website addresses to illustrate the content of it, now you want to get the urls, how do you have to do? It is very simple, you just need to command filter:links, this operator makes you can easily take the tweets that have urls in its content, example when you type: textbook filter:links, you will be showed tweets about textbook which have links.

@someone – it helps you return the tweets you want to mark or refer someone. Example @Bush means the tweets which you referred a person name Bush in content.

Sometimes, you want to dig something you had tweeted in the past, Twitter’s operators will make it easier and more accurate. Maybe you will object because these operators are so simple, but if you combine it together, you will see the efficiency of it, example, with this command: cafeteria near:Washington within:5mi since:2010-08-10 until:2010-09-15 @kelly @jim #travel to:mother filter:links you will recall all tweets about subject cafeteria which you had sent your mother (also referred to Kelly and Jim) when you had been within a radius of 5 miles from Washington since August 10th to Sept 15th, 2010, the tweets were tagged by travel and had links in its contents. It is so amazing, Twitter give us the helpful operators which can find exactly what tweets we want.

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