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Why Don't I Like Facebook?
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Those who used to use Orkut, ever wondered what happened to Orkut? Orkut was doubtlessly the best social networking site. At that time, most of the people even didn’t know what social networking was. Then came the Facebook and people came to know about the word “Social networking”. People knew that social networking is lot more than finding hot chicks, making new friend and posting crap posts.

What are most of the people doing on the facebook now a day? I reached the conclusion after noticing a fact in an IT office. There were 12 people working in that office at that time and it came to my observation that all of them had a habit to hit facebook after every few moments. Yes, it became their habit to visit facebook, check updates and put comments. It was absolutely insane. Even some of them were used to visit some girl’s page and read her profile and would send friend request without even knowing her personally. Isn’t it totally a massacre?

What are the advantages?

The only advantages are as follows and I’m sure they are not worth using it.

Facebook provides free photo storage service and space to store your photos and share them any time with anyone you want. You can keep your photos safe online for as long as you wish.

It is being used as an internet marketing tool by many large companies, brands and organization. We can say that it’s one of the best promotion tools in the world of marketing which provides a chance to addresses the largest number of audience.

People with the similar interests and similar field of jobs can remain in contact and can easily interact with other by joining relevant groups and pages and remain updated.

And of course, you can stay in touch with your loved ones, relatives and friend and this is the main purpose of any social network. But the above mentioned advantages are much less worth than the disadvantages and its harmful effects on our society and growing talent.

As most of the users are just wasting their time following unknown girls, who most probably are not what they pretend to be. This is the best way to waste valuable time. This is what more than half of the users are doing and they believe in something which most probably is not even existing in reality. This many factors made me hit how to delete facebook account on google and I got rid of it eventually.

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