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Best Program For Video Editing
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Best Program for Video Editing

So what is the best program for video editing? I already answered this question many times before but now, I wanted to do it from many perspective. I mean, I don't like to just look into the professional side but also to the side of the amateurs.

Top 6 Best for Professionals

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe's Premiere Pro still has the best video editing interface for professional video editors. It comes with a lot of features that are useful in any video post production.

Almost all video editors are also using other programs like After Effects and Photoshop while editing those videos. These products are also from Adobe so the integration of files with these softwares are easier if you use Premiere. Aside from that, Premiere has free add-ons which are On Location and Encore. On Location is very useful in logging and organizing video files while shooting. Encore on the other hand is the best dvd authoring and burning software.

2. Final Cut Pro

This is Apple's professional video editing software and is basically the rival of Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are a mac user, this program is also great for you. However, if you plan to grab mac, I still recommend having the lower version which is the Final Cut Pro 7 and not the latest one which is the Final Cut Pro X. Many were dismayed with this latest version of Final Cut because it seems that it was not designed for professionals. It's like an iMovie upgrade instead of Final Cut.

3. Sony Vegas Pro

The good thing about Vegas is that it is also capable of professional video editing but it is a lot easier to use and of course it is cheaper. It also has lower system requirements if you compare it to Premiere.

So if you have this cheaper and easier to use professional video editing program, why do many professionals stil go for Premiere or Final Cut? Well, while Vegas is really awesome, we cannot really compare the capabilities that Premiere has.

4. Avid Media Composer

This is another great video editing program that you can use to edit those videos. It works fast and it's easy to use.

5. Edius

Edius is also cool and I even know some professionals who are using this software. It comes with easy to apply effects and transitions to your footage.

6. Pinnacle

Of course you can also use Pinnacle. The interface is also great for post productions.

Best for Amateurs

1. Adobe Premiere Elements

This is the baby version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It's almost like Premiere Pro but they made it a lot easier to use for home video editing.

2. Final Cut Express

This is also a home video editing version of the Final Cut Pro. It's great for mac users out there.

3. Windows Movie Maker or iMovie

Of course let's not forget the pre-installed home video editing software in Windows operating system. It's totally free and it's very simple.

If Windows has Movie Maker then Mac has iMovie. This is a free video editing program that comes with the mac operating system. Like Movie Maker, it is also great for home video editing.

So those are the best video editing programs for you to consider if you are planning to have one. If you are a professional video editor then you really have to invest something for a high end software for you to be able to accomplish your heavy tasks properly. If you are just making some home videos however, you might not need to spend a big amount of money getting a high end software because you do not need those features anyway. You can already use simpler programs and make your own films.

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