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Blocked Pptp And L2tp Protocols Signal Need For A Vpn In China
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Blocked PPTP and L2TP protocols signal an every-growing need for a vpn in China. In the past few weeks China's government has been working hard at blocking vpn's in China. Vpn's were originally designed and still used for businesses to allow employees to access the business network from anywhere in the world. Now, more and more expats and Chinese citizens alike are starting to get a hold of a vpn in China to bypass internet censorship.

A vpn is designed to code, package, and send your information to another location before being opened, decoded, and sent back to you. In this way businesses are able to exchange private information without the risk of being hacked or spied on. In the same way, people living inside The Great Firewall are able to code, package, and send out their private information without the prying eyes of Big Brother asking what they're doing. A vpn in China gives individuals the privacy and freedom internet users in The West don't have to think about on a daily basis. In China, where social bookmarking (the Western kind) is almost totally inaccessible, getting on Facebook and updating your status is a luxury.

With the recent political shifts in Egypt and the huge amount of credit given to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, China's government has tightened their grip on an already oppressed internet. PPTP and L2TP vpn protocols were blocked just a few days ago. While other protocols like SSL and SSTP are still readily available, this signals a number of changes for users of vpn's in China.

PPTP an L2TP are mainly used for mobile devices so business hoping to keep their employees on the run and connected to the office are out of luck. Users of iPhone and iTouch are also complaining that they just bough their 4th generation and now they can't get on Facebook.

Perhaps even more worrying is the foreboding feeling that a vpn in China isn't the impenetrable safety shield we once thought it was. Sure, many are confident that there is little the Chinese government can to do block more heavily secured protocols like SSL/OpenVPN but it goes without saying that they're trying. The days where a vpn in China signified total Internet freedom may be over, but for now if you want to keep up on the latest Youtube vids, poke your friends on Facebook, and blog about your China experience, you're going to have to get a vpn in China,

Remember that before purchasing a vpn in China you should double check with the vpn support team about which packages or protocls can be used from inside The Great Firewall. There are still many blocked vpn's in China, and the status, accessibility, and even prices of the ones that are still kicking around change frequently.

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