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FaceBook Changes
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FaceBook changes

Facebooks new look

Over the last few years, Social Networking has becomng the latest, greatest thing. It is a wonderful avenue to keep up with our family and friends daily lives, free of cost to most users. The tradeoff is that you have to deal with advertisements (big deal, it's free, like beer), and rumours are abound that they sell your information to other target markets, for data mining. i liked the layout of FaceBook, and found it very comfortable to ues on a daily basis, and even closed out of the heavy, memory hungry Myspace, to use FaceBook exclusively. I found the layout very nice as well, with everything just feeling like it belonged their.

I have found some workarounds for changing things back to the way they were, before this change, but really, who wants to go through a big, involved process just to make things back to the way they were ? Facebook is a free Social Networking site, that allows you to connect with your friends and family on a regular basis, without all the over head that killed MySpace (IMHO). It can be used to post pictures of family and friends, meeting new people, keeping up with friends and families and there current activities while still maintaining a light, user interface that is pleasant to the eye, without a lot of eye-candy.

Ya have to wonder, just why Facebook, The leading Social networking onine site in the world, has suddenly decided to change the layout of their website, the same day that GooglePlus become available.They had the lead, they had the number, they even had the worlds attention, so just what possible reason could there have been. Is facebook really worried about the up and coming GooglePlus ? I see more and more posts on the FaceBook page about the changes they have made. And more people are getting frustrated with this. They tend to think that because they set the standards now in Social networking, which is true in a lot of aspects, they have to change things around every few months to make things better. What they are not realizing, is that they already were in the leading position to make and break the Social Networking market. Why change things that work already ?

Overall, i would have to say that if FaceBook continues with this policy, then we might as well just close out our accounts now, and just end it. The original creators have all become rich, and could easily retire four times over at this point, so why beat a dead dog, dressing it up in a different outfit every six months trying to ressurect the dead carcass ? The bottom line is this, why change something that already works, when you set the standard that every other Social networking site is trying to stand up to ?

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