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How To Build A Wordpress Website
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How to Build A Wordpress Website

WordPress was released in November 2005 and is currently the largest weblog hosting provider in the world. Winning four prestigious awards since 2007, after only two years of existence, is no mean feat. The power of WordPress has been evident for some time, leaving its co-founders, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, with some explaining to do.

After the very public blocking of the site in Turkey a few years ago, the threat of a ban in Brazil and, until recently, a complete block in China, Mullenweg stated that the service 'supports free speech and doesn't shut people down for 'uncomfortable thoughts and ideas'. As of March 2012 there were a reported 71 millions active blogs on WordPress.

Building A Wordpress Basics

If you wish to take advantage of the features and benefits of WordPress, your best bet is to set-up wordpress from the ground up. Knowing how to build a WordPress website is crucial to your success. The most important step is to differentiate your website from the basic 'weblog' through the simple creation of a static homepage. This can remove the blog element- new posts will not automatically appear at the top of your page. This also allows you to seamlessly link to and add more pages, so that a visitor can navigate the site and find the information they require very easily. The many themes available can be customised to ensure you create the perfect look for the services you are offering, product you are selling or information you are trying to share. With the ability to utilise SEO, add search and contact sections you are providing a prominent link between yourself and your users. The yearly fee to remove adverts is a smart and economical way of focusing on a business website and creating a remarkably professional brand. Over 16% of the 100 most popular websites are hosted by WordPress alone.

Building a WordPress website presents the user with distinct advantages. There is the ability to work from templates, with user-friendly themes that can be applied without disrupting the content or needing additional edits. There are extremely useful plug-ins to enhance your ability to advertise and gain traffic to the website and the universal properties, alongside its popularity means that your website would be available on more or less any smart-phone through an app.

The WordPress platform is also free to use- you will need to start by registering but there are no hidden charges. The more advanced user may need to part with a reasonable fee to access services such as CSS editing, removal of ads, storage upgrades and domain mapping, etc. However I would say if you are serious abut building a wordpress website having your own domain and hosting is best.

If your a bit of a "techie" you may bee interested in learning even more about the development and applications of this service, you may wish to attend a 'WordCamp'. These gatherings occur throughout the year in many different places all around the world, the official annual conference being based in San Francisco. More than 500 people have been in attendance at every event, proving that WordPress is a highly regarded provider which is being utilised by millions across the globe. I'm sure you'll find building a wordpress website is pretty straight forward if you give it a try.

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