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How To Speed Up Computer – 5 Ways To Improve Computer Performance
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Unless proper and regular maintenance is undertaken, computer performance degrades through time. If you feel your computer is performing poorly or encountering continuous crash and freeze, you should stop your work and carry out some basic PC maintenance and cleaning.

Computer slow performance is a collective effect of several factors such as system failure because of registry corruption, missed system files, incompatible program, improper program removal, hardware failure, virus attack etc. These and other problems are easily maintainable; actually, you can prevent your system from crash if you do regular maintenance.

In order to speed up computer and keeps its performance, you should know of the following 5 important methods.

1. Updating Operating system

The first step to speed up a computer is having updated operating system. Often, Microsoft releases updates that enable the OS more secure and fix errors that existed in old version. You can update the OS directly from Microsoft using internet; however, make sure that your computer is installed with original operating system.

2. Cleaning your PC

When we say cleaning, we are talking about both hardware and software. However, most system crashes happen as result of system problem.

To clean computer hard drive and correct registry, you must use the following tools regularly.

- Disk Cleanup

Lack of enough space on the hard disk will affect your computer performance. To prevent this you should run Disk cleanup.

Disk cleanup enables you to clean computer hard drive from temporary and unnecessary files and free up more space on hard disk that helps to speed up computer. This tool is already built in with all Windows operating systems. USE IT.

- Disk Defragmenter

This is the other important tool comes with Windows operating system. I often use this tool since it improves computer performance. Disk defragmenter helps to consolidate fragmented files at a single memory space. A computer with fragmented files will take more time to load than defragmented computer.

- Registry cleaner

I cannot only tell how important registry cleaner is; it is an essential tool you must install on your computer. This is because most system problems happen as a result of registry corruption. Windows registry is a kind of database that holds computer software and hardware setting information. To have healthy and well performing computer, the integrity of this database must be kept properly.

Registry cleaner programs enable to keep this database by correcting errors and removing unnecessary application and hardware information.

Currently, hundreds of cleaners are available on the net, though the performance of some cleaners is questionable. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to use the paid version, since free versions are not capable enough.

If you want freely available cleaners, try C-cleaner. And on the paid versions, I recommend TuneUp utility and Registry Easy. Use registry cleaner if you want to speed up computer.

- Regularly clean computer parts such as Power unit and Fans (these parts are vulnerable for early failure because of dust and power fluctuation)

3. Installing and updating anti-virus program

Viruses, worms and Trojans also affect computer operation. Viruses are not only affect your PC performance, it can destroy your data as well.

As new threats are created daily, having anti-virus program only will not guard your computer from failure. You should install anti-virus program and make sure that it is updated regularly. Keep an eye on new threats and virus definitions.

AVG free edition, Avast, Avira are freely available anti-virus programs, however I had bad experience with Avast and Avira AV programs. Kaspersky, F-secure, MacAfee, Symantec products are among the popular AV programs, which can be purchased at any online store. Symantec is my choice.

4. Upgrading computer memory

Memory is one of the main computer parts which serves as a working space for CPU. And having more memory means more working space. This dictates that memory upgrade is the other way to speed up computer. It is particularly beneficial when you want to install recently developed programs, since these applications require more memory space. In fact, if you have a memory space lower than 2GB, you should now plan adding more memory chip.

To upgrade computer memory, you must know the type, size and maximum expandability of memory your computer supports. Consult your PC manual or use online programs such as CPUID, Kingston memory configuration tool to identify your computer memory type.

5. Install only applications you need

This is the least but that may contribute to speed up computer. Pirated and non-compatible programs are also responsible for poor computer performance. Use original and essential programs only; do not install all programs that come on your table. Having more programs on your computer means more start up services and huge registry database that indirectly slow down system operation.

That is all the tools and methods you need to speed up computer. Unless your computer has serious problems such as malfunction hardware, you do not have to take the computer to maintenance shops to carry out the above methods.

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